Leg heaviness can be caused due to venous insufficiency. It creates a dull aching sensation and becomes worse day by day. It increases due to the prolonged sitting and standing. Many people ignore this issue in thinking that it is occurring due to increasing age.


Causes of Leg Heaviness

Leg heaviness can be caused due to various reasons including circulatory disorders, muscular disorders, and joint issues. The most common cause for this is venous insufficiency.

The veins in the legs are used to carry deoxygenated blood from the legs back to the heart. But if the blood vessels get damaged then it causes venous insufficiency. This restricts the flow of blood from the leg to the heart. Due to this restriction of blood, the veins get swollen and their color changes.

There are various causes of venous insufficiency. Some of the causes include weight gain, smoking, infection or inflammation of a vein, a history of blood clots, family history of vein disease, pregnancy, long hours of regular sitting or standing, leg injury, muscle weakness, or trauma, etc.

Treatment for leg heaviness

The treatment for leg heaviness depends upon the cause and seriousness of the disease. If your reason is some of the vein disease in legs then you must consult a vein specialist. Physical therapies such as compression therapy and lymphatic drainage are an effective treatment for heaviness in legs.

But if your leg heaviness is due to some vein disease then it must be the problem of spider veins. Spider veins on legs are the most common disease-causing leg heaviness and pain. Spider veins are the unhealthy veins found just below the surface of the skin. These are mostly purple, blue or red in color. These look similar to spider webs and can cover from a small area of the leg to the entire leg. It is caused due to chronic venous insufficiency.

The spider veins are caused due to increasing pressure on the legs which leads to the formation of new, swollen and affected veins. Some of the common symptoms of spider veins include swelling, throbbing, itching, cramping, heaviness, aching, burning, and tingling.

Spider veins don’t require and severe medical treatment until and unless it is affecting badly. Some common treatments for spider veins include support hose or stockings, regular exercise, sclerotherapy, laser therapy, vein surgery, endovenous laser, radiofrequency ablation, etc.

Contact various vein treatment centers for comparing the spider vein treatment cost and the facilities provided by them. Check the reviews of the clinic before finalizing. Ask for recommendations from your friends and families. You can also consult your family doctor for knowing the best vein treatment center.

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