‘LCK Champion’ Gen.G Holds Fan Meeting in Vietnam

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‘LCK Champion’ Gen.G Holds Fan Meeting in Vietnam with LG Electronics

Gen.G Esports announced on the 25th that it and LG Electronics will hold a fan meeting for the Gen.G LoL team players at 'Another Saigon', a brand experience space in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on the 25th of next month.

This special event, designed to repay the enthusiastic support of Vietnamese fans for LoL Champions Korea (LCK), will consist of various entertainment activities along with an amateur tournament of League of Legends, a popular multiplayer online battle arena game. 파워볼사이트

120 fans selected through an online lottery will have the opportunity to meet, chat with, and take photos with five popular players from the Gen.G team sponsored by LG Electronics.

Additionally, Another Saigon plans to provide a memorable day by organizing a stamp tour where attendees can explore and experience LG Electronics' latest lifestyle products and collect special stamps.

The 'Life's Good Tournament' held for amateur fans of League of Legends is another fun element of this event.

Mai Dora and Optimus, popular Vietnamese influencers, will each lead a team and conduct the tournament, and a famous local caster will provide commentary.

Another Saigon, which has become a hot place for young Vietnamese consumers since opening early this year, will host an 'event match' in which the semi-finals and tournament champions participate in the match with the Gen.G players.

The champion of the 'Life's Good Tournament' receives exclusive training for one day from a professional coach of the League of Legends program at Gen. G Global Academy prior to the event match, and after training, they form a mixed team with the Gen. will participate in The game will be broadcast live around the world through LG Electronics' global YouTube channel.

This fan event, prepared as part of the partnership between Gen.G and LG Electronics UltraGear™ (LG Electronics' premium gaming brand), is an opportunity to express gratitude to the Vietnamese LCK fandom and celebrate Gen.G's 4th consecutive LCK victory.

The Gen.G team achieved remarkable results by winning four consecutive championships in the 2022 LCK Summer, 2023 LCK Spring/Summer, and 2024 LCK Spring seasons together with LG Electronics.

LG Electronics, which has been Gen.G's official display partner since 2021, provides industry-leading LG Electronics UltraGear gaming monitors and supports Gen.G teams and players.

Lee Ji-hoon, general manager of Gen.G eSports, said, “Based on the support of fans and close cooperation with LG Electronics Ultra Gear, we are happy to achieve good results in this 2024 LCK spring season and achieve poppet for the first time in LCK,” adding, “We are grateful to the fans who supported us through this event.

It is meaningful to be able to express my gratitude to “We will continue to achieve good results based on close cooperation with LG Electronics Ultra Gear and repay the support of our fans.”

“We look forward to meeting passionate LCK fans and talented amateur players in Vietnam through this e-sports event,” said Lee Yoon-seok, managing director of LG Electronics’ IT division.

“LG Electronics Ultra Gear will continue to partner with Gen.

“While we are committed to fostering a sports culture, we will continue to introduce innovative products that deliver outstanding gaming experiences.”

Fans interested in participating in the fan event and Life's Good Tournament can check detailed information on the LG Electronics Ultra Gear official account and the LG Electronics official website, and event registration begins on the 25th.

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