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All the details of a common man is now linked with cyber network with or without knowing. Sometime the details is submitted to the government purposes or otherwise for the own purposes. Now lots of social media application is there and creating a profile in these type of social media pages, the details or information regarding particular one is connected with the cyber network. So proper caring and monitoring is needed to protect such data’s it may cause several problems in the community. Lots of illegal hackers are there to collect the details and they bargain with the particular person or any companies after collecting the details. Every information is valuable and for making money the hackers will hack the details given it to someone who want the details. current cyber security news reporting lots of kidnapping and terrorist activities . You get latest hacking news  within minutes. So all the activities, it may be some sort of threats, or the updation of some software’s, anything else related with the cyber field are reported by the cyber safe news.

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