Knowing more about Sundarban wildlife is very necessary. You must also know how this wild animals are living in their habitat. Is there anything you can do for their betterment or not. Yes, Sundarban is beautiful and it has so many different things to cherish upon. But wildlife is a huge part of that beauty. 

Here in this article you will get a complete knowledge about it and to you the Sundarban wildlife sanctuary will come in full light. Before we start the blog you must know a back story. Sundarban was not always so well protected. It was when the Royal Bengal Tigers in Sundarban were endangered and then UNESCO came for help. With their generous help Sundarban’s RoyaL Bengal’s Tigers were saved and again restored.

Things you must know about Sundarban wildlife:

1. Calm and quiet:

Yes, Sundarban is very much calm and quiet when you are talking about the wilds. There is not much violence in the forest amidst the animals. They are peace loving and reside in peace in the forest.

2. Varity of animals:

Yes, Royal Bengal Tiger is famous in Sundarban. But that doesn’t mean there are only tigers available. There are many other animals in Sundarban. Like elephants, giraffe, bears, wolfs etc.

3. Migrating birds:

There are more than fifty species of migrating birds in Sundarban. They migrate from many far away lands. You get to see some very uncommon birds here. It excite you a lot. 

4. Not only land, water animals too:

It is not that only land animals will excite you, but the animals in water are also much in number. They will also excite you a lot and help you enjoy all the more.

The Sundarban wildlife tour package is something that you can opt for if you want to exclusively enjoy the wild beauty of Sundarban. Wait no more get it now.

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