Know How to treat Vein problem?


The varices are one of the most common medical and aesthetic problems that most concern women also can lead to long term complications. Spider veins and varicose veins arise due to malfunction of blood vessels, which tend to dilate.


 There are some factors that favour the appearance of varicose veins, such as standing for a long time, being overweight, sedentary lifestyle, hormonal disorders, and the use of contraceptives or genetic inheritance.

Treatment of the vein problem

The elimination of varicose veins through the technique of sclerosis with foam consists of the injection into the interior of a varicose vein of a sclerosing substance that causes irritation of the internal wall of the vein and subsequent fibrosis, causing the gradual disappearance of varicose veins. . Different concentrations are used according to the size of the varicose veins. The treatment by vein doctor is accompanied by compression measures, bandage or simply a compressive dressing, which leads to a better result.

 The treatment at the vein treatment center consists in introducing a very fine needle with which a medicine is injected that produces a controlled inflammatory reaction in the walls of the microvariz. With this, the vein is closed and the varicose vein disappears as such. Only at the time of injection will the patient notice a slight burning sensation that will disappear in 15-20 seconds.

 It is a treatment that is not conditioned by time and yes by the amount of medication injected. The treated varicose veins present after the session, and during the following days, a greater redness that is not worrisome. The microvaris disappears within 4-8 weeks.

 The sessions corresponding to a treatment of microvarices last between 30-60 minutes and are performed at intervals of 7-10 days at vein treatment center near me. Only one leg is treated per session.

 After the session and throughout the treatment, the sun exposure in the treated areas should be avoided.

The top vein specialists need to perform a previous medical history and a Doppler Vascular exam, to make sure that the deep venous system is normal and there is no important vascular disease. Because if this were not so, the treatment could not be carried out.

 Microvarices smaller than 1 mm in diameter smaller than any needle that we want to introduce and less than 2 mm deep, can be treated with Vascular Laser. But only these, the varicose veins, do not respond to the laser.

 It is important to note that the best vein specialist also prescribes a series of measures, advice, medications, creams, specific massages (lymphatic drainage, pressure therapy, LPG) with a preventive character.

It is very effective meso therapy treatment (administration of small doses of drugs through microinjections) in certain points of acupuncture and venous axis, to relieve the symptoms of itching, heaviness, pain, numbness and cramps, which are often much greater than the existence of the micro varices. The drugs that are injected, in our case, are homeopathic (they lack side effects). The treatment is usually done once a month in winter and every 15 days in summer.

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