Is Dental Bridge Useful In Replacing Missing Teeth?

When a person loses a tooth or tooth extraction results in a gap leading to a number of issues with your mouth. Furthermore, this gap can cause shifting of the remaining teeth leading to a defective bite. It can also result in soreness in the jaw. If you want to avoid such types of conditions, you can choose a suitable treatment option like Dental Bridge by Urban Dental Houston. 

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A bridge is an artificial or fake tooth that is designed for patients who have missing teeth or teeth to provide you a natural-looking smile. A dental bridge is connected to the adjacent teeth of the missing tooth. There are different types of dental bridges that are made of different materials. Only a Dentist Near My Location can determine the most suitable type of dental bridge depending on the location of the missing tooth. Once you decide to have a dental bridge, the Houston Dentist Near Me will provide a temporary bridge meanwhile the permanent bridge is being created.

What are the types of dental bridges?

Dental bridges are created using different types of materials such as porcelain and metal. A cosmetic dentist will determine which type of materials will be used to fill the gap for replacing the missing tooth. Commonly used dental bridges are discussed below:

A Fixed Bridge

A fixed bridge removes a gap by making a bridge of an artificial tooth amid two dental crowns. The crowns help to hold and support the cemented bridge to the gap so that the artificial tooth may make you feel natural in the empty space. A fixed bridge can’t be removed so you should think better before getting it.

A Maryland Bridge

A Maryland bridge is generally designed for front teeth as they don’t require much pressure applied to them. It is also referred to as a resin-bonded bridge that contains metal wings connected to the artificial tooth that is attached to the adjacent teeth on both sides of the empty area.

A Cantilever Bridge

A Cantilever Bridge is fixed in the same manner as a fixed bridge. The only difference is that it is only bonded to a single tooth. It is specially designed to fill both sides of the empty area where there are no teeth.

A cosmetic dentist will determine the location for the bridge to be placed. In addition, it will require a certain amount of pressure to be able to sustain. The material for the dental bridge will be determined depending on the patents’ budget. 

What does a dental bridge cost Houston?

There are different parameters that decide the price of a dental bridge such as:

  • A number of teeth fill the empty spaces.

  • Materials used in dental bridges like resin, zirconia, or metal alloy.

  • The complexity of the problem.

  • If your condition requires additional treatments.

  • Type of the dental bridge.

Traditional or cantilever bridges may cost- $2,000 – $5,000 for one pontic and a crown.

Maryland bridges may cost $1,500 – $2,500 for one pontic with the framework.

The cost of An implant-supported bridge may range between $5,000 – $15,000 for a bridge with two dental implants.

So, you can choose which type of dental bridge will be suitable for you.

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