Factory reset or restore settings for any device helps to fix the issues that the device is facing with. When you face any issue with your smartphone and it is not getting corrected after trying a few general steps, the technicians often ask you to factory reset your smartphone. By applying this procedure, the issues can be resolved and your smartphone appears to be quite new. It seems that you have just purchased it. This type of solution is applied when the smartphone crashes frequently, hangs in between or suffers from internal problems. These are some of the common issues that can occur with any smartphone be it android or apple. An iPhone can be targeted with various issues. Sometimes it stops responding to the touch command, freezes suddenly, the contacts get automatically deleted even after backup, etc. When nothing works, then the solution of Restore to Factory settings is applied.

Before you factory reset your device, it becomes really important to transfer all the data in a pen drive or laptop as the process will delete all your data present in your smartphone. Everything from your contacts to personal information, photographs, videos, etc. will be deleted. This type of solution should only be taken into consideration if you are willing to sell your iPhone or the option of rebooting or restarting your device isn’t working. If you wish to Reset your iPhone to factory settings, then you must apply these following steps on your smartphone device

Steps to achieve this purpose:

  • Backup all the data of your iPhone by using the iCloud or iTunes application. You can also transfer all your data to the laptop via a USB cable. This is the most important step to start with, as after the factory reset process, you will be losing all your data.
  • After completion of this step, now you are ready to start with the factory reset-
  • Navigate to the Settings of your iPhone, and then to General setting. After that choose the option of ‘Erase all content and settings’
  • If you have set a passcode, then type that. A warning box will appear and an option to erase iPhone will appear in red. Select that.
  • Now provide in with your ID and password for the confirmation process. After you have entered it, all your stored data will be deleted.
  • You will be taken back to the initial set up.
  • It will seem that your device is totally new and you are using it for the first time.

These steps will surely help you to fix all the issues that your smartphone is encountering with. If even after factory reset, you find that the iPhone is still crashing or freezing, then you need to contact the Apple Customer care number. The techies will tell you that why is this problem occurring again and again and will provide you with the best alternative approach.

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