International Freight Forwarders For Export & Import Across The Globe

International Freight Forwarders For Export & Import Across The Globe

Services for international import:

Shipment of goods packaging, container loads and heavy equipments across the borders of various nations is a specialized task. There are two major factors involved in this. Hauling the desired goods to the long distance utilizing various modes of transportation such as Air Cargo, Commercial Ships, and Trucks & Railway is one important part. However reaching the goods to the desired destination is not just about taking the goods from place A to B.


In fact the most important part is the custom clearances and the insurance related formalities at both the ports. Freight Forwarding Services would have ties with the agencies in the US. Thus the customers in Nigeria can ask for shipment of  their goods from anywhere in  the US; and the agency would take care of custom duty payments, insurance related formalities and any other documentation at any port in the USA. Thus this international freight forwarding agency would offer most reliable and timely service when it comes to receiving some packagings from anywhere in the US.

The reputed agency offering Freight Shipping Company Florida would take care of various things related to international imports such as Warehousing, Personal Effects Entry, Importer ID application process and much more. The expert team deployed by the agency at various international ports would be expert and experienced in handling all legal and documentation related matters.

Fulfillment Services:

Online shopping and e-commerce are the growing trends across the world. Whenever it comes to reaching the packagings bought online to the doorstep of the customers in Nigeria safely and within minimum time, there needs to be a one stop solution for all the operations involved in it. Third Party Logistics Services Miami would offer comprehensive solutions right from effective warehousing, inventory management and faster transportation as well. The companies can rely on these service providers as they manage to receive, pack, stock and move every single package or a container load effectively and efficiently. Thus these international freight forwarding agencies would work as strategic partners to help the client achieving highest level of customer satisfaction through timely and safe deliveries.


Ocean freight services:

The international freight shipping agency offers specialty ocean shipping services between any international destinations. They would co-ordinate for warehousing of the goods at the subsequent ports; negotiate with the carriers to move the packaging, part container loads or container loads from one port to the other; and even arrange for further transportation from the ports to the doorsteps of the customers.


Deciding the route of ocean shipments and availing carriers having commercial ships for hauling the material to the desired destination requires great level of contacts and co-operation between many agencies. Though the own infrastructure of the agency might be limited to some international routes, they can manage to transport the goods and containers to the desired destination through other agencies. They would provide cost-effective and timely solution to their clients. Thus the clients can rest assured that their material would be moved to the desired destination at optimum cost and within minimal time.

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