Information about UK Sole Representative Visa

Looking for a way to establish a commercial business in the UK?  UK sole representative visa is the most appropriate way to do so. It permits a parent company overseas to open a subsidiary or branch in the UK. Once the application is successfully accepted, the applicant is granted 3 years of entry clearance. And this can be extended for another 2 years. If the applicant stays under this category for 5 years, the applicant qualifies for indefinite leave to stay in the UK. 

Types: A person can apply for 2 jobs to enter the UK under this category. The applicant should be either:-

  • A media employee overseas who:--

  1. Is employed under an overseas news agency, newspaper, or Broadcasting Company.

  2. Is posted under the long-term project in the UK by their employer.

  • A sole representative applicant in the UK, of the employer wishing to establish an overseas business in the UK. 

Requirement: the sole representative should plan and establish the new branch of the overseas company in the UK. This branch must do the same business as the overseas parent company. The sole representative should be directly employed by the company. 

Family: A sole representative can even apply to call other family members to the UK on his visa. The family members are called the dependent, which can be:

  1. Wife, husband, or partner

  2. Under 18 years of age children

Extension of visa: a sole representative needs to prove:

  • His requirement by the employer, through a certified letter.

  • Still working on the same job for which entry clearance was given. Last 12 months of Salary receipt from the employer needs to be produced. Also, the confirmation of weather salary paid as commission or basic and hours paid for.

Settlement: If a person wants to apply for indefinite leave, the sole representative should have stayed in the UK for a continuous time of 5 years. And fulfill some other requirements like required knowledge of Life and Language in the UK.

A person self-employed, representative of sales, a buyer or personal assistant/secretary of sole representative does not qualify to be a sole representative.

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