Industry’s Preferred Escalator Skirt Brush Parts Is From AOQUN

Recently, Mr. Li, who is major in escalator maintenance, was looking for the best escalator skirt brush parts in the industry. Because of the recent brush installation of an old escalator, the owner has checked that the brush profile on the escalator, which didn’t meet the national standard of the escalator skirt brush parts. It should take one week to complete all the brush replacement, otherwise it would bear the corresponding losses, Mr. Li had to find another brush manufacturer for help.

It is understood that AOQUN is the industry’s preferred escalator skirt brush parts manufacturer, and has long-term cooperation with many large companies such as escalator manufacturers. Mr. Li found AOQUN through the website. After understanding Mr. Li’s situation, AOQUN immediately formulated a remedial plan for Mr. Li, and provided a brush and profile that complies with the national standard for him to install. After confirming that the customer can use the D08 single-row escalator skirt brush parts, he immediately worked overtime to make the product to Mr. Li. In just two days, he provided the entire order to ensure the replacement of the brush on schedule.

Within 7 days, the project acceptance was completed. Mr. Li called AOQUN, thanked AOQUN for their cooperation, and provided the products that met the national standard of the escalator in time to avoid the loss caused by the delayed delivery of the project. And praised AOQUN is really the industry’s preferred escalator skirt brush parts manufacturers.

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