Indoor Safety Mirrors: A necessary precaution

Indoor Safety Mirrors: A necessary precaution

Safety is often the overlooked component, whether it be your workplace or any other building. This is where people try to cut corners and save money. What they do not realize is that spending on safety is an investment that pays off in the long run. Features such as smoke detectors, fire alarms etc. are the types of necessary precautions that should be taken in any civil construction.

Another necessary precaution that we overlook or never think about are the safety mirrors. Safety mirrors are installed to act as a deterrent to thieves in stores. Safety mirrors also provide collisions inside the buildings by providing an increased angle of view in blind halls and driveways. Let’s learn a bit more about indoor security mirrors.

Types of Indoor Safety Mirrors

Indoor safety mirrors come in various types and shapes. Each type and shape carries their own advantages and is suited for different places. The three prevalent types of Indoor safety mirrors are:

1.      Universal Mirrors: These are the types of safety mirrors that are multifaceted and can be used for installation in both an indoor as well as the outdoor environment. There are attachments available for universal mirrors where you can install caps on them. This avoids spillage and glares from spreading on the mirror and obstructing the view. Standard Universal mirrors are made of sturdy materials and are perfectly suited for use in parking garages and driveways where many blind spots exist and chances of collisions are higher.

2.      Indoor (Shaped) Mirrors: These mirrors are optimal for installation inside buildings to improve vision both in the back and front. These mirrors can be installed in blind hallways, airport corridors, hotels, hospitals etc. Installation of these mirrors in the workplace provides an added sense of security. Installation of these mirrors in shops and departmental stores also acts as a major deterrent to shoplifters and thieves. The mirrors come in both square and round shaped. Depending on the kind of view you are looking for, you may use the suitable shape. Square mirrors give you a zoomed in view and round mirrors give you an extended view of the place.

3.      Dome mirrors: These mirrors are highly functional and are capable of increasing the viewing angle to a very large extent. Most of the dome mirrors are sized optimally which removes any difficulties in their installation. In places where blind spots are many and the place is expansive, the installation of these mirrors can help a lot in the surveillance and monitoring of these places. Some places even use these as a cheaper but smarter alternative to the closed circuit cameras.

Depending on the building structure and the type of establishment, you should choose the safety mirror that is right for you. Their versatility has seen the use of the convex mirror for Traffic Driveway Safety & Security. Thus, you can contact Safety Traffic Mirrors or you can log on to our website for any help regarding the purchase of indoor safety mirrors as well as their installation.

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