IELTS Speaking Course Gurgaon

IELTS Speaking Course Gurgaon


IELTS Speaking Test needs guidance from an expert coach associated with top IELTS coaches in Gurgaon. Join IELTS GURGAON for IELTS coaching in Gurgaon. IELTS GURGAON is one of the most reputed IELTS coaching centers in Gurgaon. Remember, the IELTS Speaking test is similar to a conversation you would have with someone in real life. You will talk to a certified examiner in the IELTS Speaking Test and your test will be recorded. The contents of the IELTS Speaking test remains similar for both IELTS Academics and IELTS General Training tests. Your expert coach from a reputed IELTS coaching institute should be able to help you prepare yourself.

Tips and Tricks:

Under the guidance of an expert coach, you can prepare yourself for the IELTS Speaking test. This test is one of the most interesting of all the IELTS tests and the shortest in terms of duration. In the 11-14 minutes that you spend interacting with the examiner, you will be assessed on:

Your communication skills
How well you can talk about everyday experiences
Coherence in speech and use of vocabulary
Your analytical abilities

The IELTS Speaking test is made up of three sections:

Part 1 is introduction and overview
Part 2 is all about talking on a subject given to you through a task card – It could be anything – from your favourite food to your last summer holiday
Part 3 is a question and answer session based on your speech in Part 2


Do not rush with your answers
Do not have a rigid body language. Ensure you smile as you speak
Do not sound like a recorded tape. Bring in expressions and emotions as you speak
Do not get over-friendly with the examiner. She / he is not your friend.
Do not speak at a stretch. Give pauses as and when necessary
Do not over elaborate your answers with minute details
Remember not to exceed 4-5 minutes for Part 1
Part 2 will require you to put your thoughts together on the subject / topic shared. Do not spend more than 2 minutes on deciding on the topic and then spend the remaining time on the speech
Part 3 will take another 4-5 minutes as this will be a two-way communication/conversation test
Remember to time yourself well. Part 3 is crucial and a considerable amount of time has to be kept aside for the examiner to ask her/his questions

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