I forgot my QuickBooks Administrator Password

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When you create an account in QuickBooks, the software automatically generates an Admin user Id. Sometimes the administrator of the software creates a primary login account and makes different accounts for other users. Only the administrator has some rights, and there is an only master admin who has access to all the features and benefits of QuickBooks. After creating an account in QuickBooks and setting up different users, you can decide who will be the administrator. There is one person that can be assigned the admin responsibilities. There can occur instances when the admin can forget the password. In that case, the concerned person needs to reset it on an urgent basis as some of the primary operations of the software can be performed by the administrator only. If you have a newer version of QuickBooks installed on the system, then you can follow the procedure provided below. But if you are operating the older version and want to reset the password via a security question, then have a word with the techies at quickbooks online phone number.

The latest version of QuickBooks offers its users an option of ‘in-product’ password reset. To use this option, follow the steps given below

Ø Open QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool

Ø Select the most recently used version of QuickBooks

Ø When the password window opens, click on ‘I forgot my password.’

Ø After that in the Password Challenge Window that opens, select ‘I forgot my answer.’

Ø A window ‘ Reset QuickBooks Administrator password’ will open

Ø You have to enter the information in all the given field. Make sure that you use the same information that you had entered as an administrator to register to QuickBooks

Ø Enter the given information

1.     License Number ( Enter only the numeric digits)

2.     Your First and Last name

3.     Provide the email address

4.     Enter the Email address to confirm it again

5.     Provide your Business Phone Number

6.     Enter your Zip Code

Ø After entering all the necessary information, choose, Next.

Ø If all the information is correct, you will either receive an access token or an email with a password reset code

Ø Type the code that you have received, in the space provided below and then click on Next. Make sure that you enter it correctly. Otherwise, you would have to start the process again

Ø Now, create a new password and then re-enter it to confirm the same

Ø Select the Challenge Question from the drop-down menu. Choose an appropriate one and provide an answer in the Answer field

Ø Click on Okay

Ø Within one or two minutes, QuickBooks will reset the Admin password. You can use the newly created password to login to the software.

By chance you forget your details that you have entered while registering for QuickBooks as an administrator, then you need to employ some specific guidelines. Either click on ‘Where Can I find this Information?’ in the Reset QuickBooks Administrator password or consult the experts by dialing quickbooks contact number.

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