How To Use Stainless Steel Glove Boxes

Stainless steel glove boxes are basically the same in working as a normal vacuum glove box. The only difference between the two is that, ina plastic made vacuum glove box, the material is transparent all over so that visibility inside the box is maximum. In case of stainless steel built glove boxes, this factor of all round visibility is compromised for better structural strength and durability of the equipment.

The special built

Stainless steel is a strong non-reactive metal alloy. That is why stainless steel has found application in all sorts of laboratory instruments and equipment. And this is the reason they are also used for making of glove boxes, where the pressure and atmosphere inside the box is maintained with extreme caution, care and accuracy. The presence of a structurally strong metal, that is non-reactive and easy to purge and sanitize,is a big plus point of stainless steel. That is why glove boxes made of stainless steel are of high utility.

Definitely, being made of an opaque metal, the box has not all sides made from transparent wall. Rather most of the sides are visually blocked. But the main front portion, which needs to have the viewing window for clear viewing is open, and gives enough surface to view and work. In fact the strong structural strength of stainless steel makes it aferto conduct experiment sunder very low atmospheric pressure and even in vacuum. Chances of explosions or leaks are minimized when you are using a stainless steel glove box.

The basic working

The basic working of the stainless steel gloves box revolves around giving a controlled environment inside the box for handling of chemicals and things with extreme care for special experiments and work. There is a chamber for working with things inside the box,which has all walls made of stainless steel, and a viewing window made of glass. Two gloves are there in the box, in which hands are to be inserted from the outside, to hold things of interest inside the box. The pressure and humidity inside the box is controlled through controllers. Catalysis bed inside the box prevents oxygen and moisture from releasing or staying inside the box.

The catalyst bed is made from copper. And to retain the potency of the catalyst, certain compounds are not permitted inside the glove box. Certain reactive compounds which can make the catalyst non-reactive are not allowed. Also the catalyst needs a regeneration and change after each 3 to 6 months period. The catalyst is then taken out and made to pass through a process where the oxidized form of copper gets converted to metallic copper, and the catalyst again gets rejuvenated to work as earlier.


One who would be handling the stainless steel glove box will have to go through professional and formal training to understand the core working and operations of the box. This will enable the person to troubleshoot small issues, and also take care of the Economical Glove Boxes in day to day lab operations in the best way for durability.

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