How to use gems?

If they are for personal use, use soft Topaz Stone such as rose quartz, green, or amethyst. Experiment by taking three drops in the morning on an empty stomach and three before going to sleep. You can also ingest three drops if you need a booster.

For energy cleaning of spaces, it is advisable to use a Citrine Stone of tourmaline mixture with amethyst and place it in a sprayer. Vaporize throughout the space to be treated, paying special attention to corners.


pink topaz

You can also use Aquamarine Gem to place in a container with water to clean your crystals to which you need to recondition the energy.

Meditative programming

The quartz crystal tips can be programmed to expand your energy in personal or environmental use. The technique is very easy.

  1. Place yourself in a place where you are calm, with harmonious energy to perform meditation.
  2. Put the Garnet Stone (previously clean) with the smooth base in the palm and the tip-up. Start with small tips for first practices.
  3. Once you are in physical contact and connected to the glass, you will see, as if it were a movie, what is your intention to impregnate the onyx stone. Concentrate on seeing it as if it were a dream or a very intense image of your imagination. If you relax and tune in with the crystal, you will realise for yourself when the crystal has understood the programming and received it inside.
  4. When the Alexandrite Stone is already programmed, you can take it with you in a healing bag, in a pocket, or leave it in your work space. The tip must be directed towards you or your objective so that energy flows towards that purpose.

How to clean them

The Sapphire Stone vibrates and amplifies the energies with which it is in contact. Go through many different hands and places before reaching you: work and absorb knowledge, experiences, and situations. Therefore, once a crystal arrives, it is good to make it yours energetically with some of (or all) these cleaning techniques:


You can leave them under a stream of running water from the tap for quick cleaning, visualizing that when holding it, the water takes everything that the Aquamarine Stone no longer needs. You can also put all you have together in a ceramic or glass bowl with water and coarse salt (if it is sea salt, better) and leave them outdoors in sunlight and moonlight for three days.


Another way to clean Birth Stones is to rest it on the ground. It is best to use this technique with crystals that cannot be wetted or that are embedded in some type of metal. When the glass is placed or nailed (if it has a pointed shape) on the ground, and energy discharge occurs, that is neutralized when it touches the ground.


An Emerald Gem can also be cleaned with herbal smoke or copal, sage, or lavender resins. We burn any of these substances that are usually used to clean and burn the glass over the smoke several times over burning coal.


Some people believe that Onyx Gemstone can be cleaned by fleeting them over the flame of a candle. We recommend you do it quickly so that the glass does not overheat and is at risk of being broken.

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