With the help of some applications, you can use an iPhone to control your computer. When you do not remember to shut down your computer, then you can give the command to the iPhone to shut down the computer for you. Here’s how to turn off your computer from your iPhone.

Steps for Shutting Down Your Computer From Your iPhone

•    Open the Remote Off official site on the computer.

•    Press on the ‘Download Off Helper’ option.

•    After the downloading process gets completed, open it an start installing on the computer.

•    You need to start downloading the Remote Off on the iPhone.

•    You can choose the free version or a paid version in case you do not have any issue with their advertisement and you wish to turn off the computer, the free version is enough for you.

•    Ensure that the system and the iPhone are paired with the same Wi-Fi connection.

•    In case both the devices are not using the same Wi-Fi connection, then they are not able to link with each other.

•    In case you have installed the Remote Off, or Off Remote applications opened on both computer and iPhone, then the system will be in the ‘Visible Computers’ column given to the left-hand side of the display.

•    Choose the PC.

•    Now, you will get all these commands on the desktop like Lock, Restart, Shut Down, Hibernate and Sleep. You need to select any of the commands.

•    You have to wait for a few seconds before the Remote off application work on the command.

•    You can also turn off the countdown anytime.

Remote Mouse

The Remote Mouse is the best application which changes the iPhone into the cordless mouse and the system keyboard for the Windows and Mac computers. This application is compatible with the other types of plug-ins and players.

By using this application, you can change the volume into an upward and downward direction given on iTunes. In case you are creating a presentation, then you can adjust the size of the slides because this application also supports Microsoft PowerPoint.


The TeamViewer application is compatible with both the Windows PC and Mac. By using this application, you can control all the functions in the system, go to any files or documents and use the applications which are already installed on the system.

TeamViewer helps you to transfer files or documents to both the devices. In case you wish to transfer anything from the system, then you can use TeamViewer application and transfer it to the iPhone.

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