How to save favorites on a Garmin Nuvi 650?

How to save favorites on a Garmin Nuvi 650?

How to save favorites on a Garmin Nuvi 650? Call @ +1-844-441-2440 toll free

The Garmin Nuvi 650 is a global positioning system (GPS) that uses satellite signals to determine your accurate location. It is a user-friendly tool that assists you to reach the exact destination without any obstacle and dismisses the chance of being lost. The Nuvi creates a route to your location, which you can input into the Garmin 650 by address, a point on a map or by a search of the database. To save favourites on Garmin Nuvi you need to follow the below points:

· the first step you need to plug one terminal of the USB cable into the Nuvi 650 and the other end into your system.

· Doublernclick on the icon of “My Computer” which is often found on your desktop. 

· the next step, you need to open the Nuvi drive folder by right-clicking on it and then choosing “Explorer” option from  the pop-up menu.

· “Garmin Folder 1″ and double-click it, then double-click on the “GPX” folder.

·Find the current “GPX” file press on the right click button and select the copy option.

· you need to Paste this copied “.gpx” file into another location on the computer.

·Lastly,rename the file “Current1.gpx,” and you are done with saving your favorites.

By following above mentioned simple steps, you can easily save favorites on a Garmin Nuvi 650. But in case you are not able to do so contact the experts of, they will help you with any issue related to your Garmin Nuvi 650. 

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