How to resolve Dell Printer Offline to online on Mac?

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The world is expanding digitally in a much quicker pace, where computer and printers have become a necessity for every individual. Having a multi-functional device is an essential requirement which would aid the users in their working. One such critical element in today’s world is the printer. Even though there has been vast digitalization, hard copies play an essential role. There are several printer manufacturers present in the world which provide the users with top quality printers. One such is Dell printers, they have been in the market for several years and have been providing the users with the best quality results. Even when Dell printers are seen among the top, there are several issues which the users come across while using these printers. One common issue which the user comes across is the Dell Printer Offline malfunction.

Printer Offline Error on Mac

There are times when the users face the issue where their printer is shown as Offline on the Mac device despite the printer being available on the network and is physically linked to the Mac device. It is essential that the users understand why they face the issue of printer offline. Some of the most common reasons for having to encounter this issue is as given below:

·       * When the old printer driver is not compatible with the latest version of iOS.

·       * When multiple documents have been sent to the printer at one time.

·       * When there is some connectivity issue with the printer and Mac device.

·       * This issue can also arise when the printer encounters paper jam or missing paper issue.

·      * Loose cables of the systems could also cause connection failures resulting in this error.

Troubleshooting method to resolve Dell Printer Offline Error

The users can take up some basic steps using which they can resolve the Dell Printer Offline Error. The steps which need to be undertaken are as mentioned below:

Check the cables connecting the printer with the Mac device

The first thing which the users must ensure is that all the cables have been unplugged from both the devices. The users must ensure that there are no loose or faulty cables which are being used to connect with two devices.

Examine for Paper Jam issue

The users must check whether there is any paper which has been aligned accurately for the printer to function. It is also essential that the users make sure that the printer tray has no paper jammed in it and that there are enough papers in the printer. The users should also replace the empty cartridges with a new one.

If you continue to find the error message on your system, then you can try to reinstall the printer driver and reestablish the connection of the printer and the Mac. If this does not work, then they can always connect with the Dell Customer Support Phone Number. The professionals at this service would make sure that the issue has been resolved at the earliest.

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