How To Make Your Workplace COVID Safe With Acrylic Display Holders?

How To Make Your Workplace COVID Safe With Acrylic Display Holders?

As we arernonce again amidst a peak of COVID wave led by the Omicron variant, we have tornnot only make our offices COVID secure but productive spaces.  Acrylicrndisplay holders have emerged as one of the most useful tools to ensure arnCOVID safe work environment without hampering the productivity level.

Tips To Make Your Office A COVID Secure Zone WithrnAcrylic Display Products

Create arnwork-friendly yet COVID secure workplace for your staff by following the acrylic sign display based tips andrntechniques mentioned below.

       Display Hand Wash Instructions: Install acrylic displayrnholders with signs and posters spreading awareness of good handwashingrntechniques and their frequency. Make your staff feel more inclined towards thernnew normal and accommodate it in their lifestyle.  

       Display Social Distancing Norms: Place acrylic sign holdersrnwith signs and posters to guide your customers to follow social distancing.rnMake them informed regarding queuing and one-way systems that you havernimplemented for the safety of your visitors and employees from infection.

       Social Distancing Through Acrylic Walls: Ensure minimal interaction and lesserrnchances of spread of infection by installing acrylic screens for counters, cabins, common work points, receptionrndesk, and other such spaces at your office wherever their installation isrnpossible.

       Social Distancing Through Acrylic Partitions: Install mini acrylic screens betweenrnworkstations and customer interaction points. Such installation reduces thernchances of getting infected during close and frequent interactions among thernindividuals.

       Place Sanitisers on Acrylic Risers: Encourage sanitization in your office byrninstalling several acrylic risers withrnsanitizers at your workplace. Acrylic stands make them more visible thusrnreminding the staff members to use them.

Buy The Best Quality Acrylic Display Holders FromrnCCP Displays

Make your office more productive whilernfabulously overcoming the challenges posed by the frequent COVID waves with thernfinest quality acrylic display products.rnExplore the range of standardized and customized products by CCP Display andrndiscover the best suitable choices for your office. 

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