How to Make Your Garage Door Last as Long as Possible

How to Make Your Garage Door Last as Long as Possible

Considering normal wear and tear, just how long should a garage door last? It depends. First of all, the manufacturer will provide you with an official rough estimate. Furthermore, if the construction materials are of excellent quality, your garage door is bound to last much longer than average.


A garage door is a major part of your home’s appearance and value. It’s certainly a big decision, choosing to install a new garage door, since it could cost a significant amount. Instead, a good option is that you can simply keep the one you’ve got, and maintain it so it stays in good condition. Ideally, you want it to keep functioning and looking as nice as you can, and for as long as you can.


Modern garage doors are of better quality than your parents’ garage doors. Nowadays they’re manufactured according to stricter safety standards. A premium-quality garage door helps provide a barrier for the reduction of heat transfer into the garage. Hardware and door sections of optimum-quality garage doors are thoroughly tested and offer better warranties.


When you think about it, your garage door is the largest operating appliance in your home. Make sure to keep it in superior shape. Particularly if you use your garage as a game room or a workshop, you’ll need to have a well-maintained garage, which includes starting out with a solid and reliable garage door.


Follow a maintenance schedule.

Be sure to follow the regular maintenance schedule recommended by your local garage door experts. For extra safety, inspect the components of your garage door system around once a month. Replace any worn parts as you discover them, and tighten down any loose bolts you find. If you notice any uncommon noises whenever your garage door opens or closes, then investigate. If there are issues with pulleys, wires, springs, and cables will definitely require extra attention from a professional. Even if you don’t notice anything significant, it’s best to schedule an annual inspection with a trusty local garage door repair service.


It’s relatively easy, and well worth the time and effort needed to maintain your garage door. You’ll save money over the long haul. You won’t have to spend a lot on repairs, nor should you have to replace it for many years.


Keep it clean.

Make your garage door last longer by washing it, on both sides, with a sponge and some water and mild dish soap. Using clean water, rinse it well. Don’t forget the garage door opener sensor eyes: Wash it with a clean, dry cloth. Keep the area around the sensors free of dirt and cobwebs.


  • Do you have a wooden garage door? If you ever see any signs of chipping and peeling, you can maintain exceptional curb appeal by adding a fresh coat of paint.
  • Is your garage door made of steel? Wash it at minimum every other year. For added cold-weather protection, apply car wax.


Keep it balanced.

Check the balance at least twice per year:


1      Disconnect the door from the opener, and operate it manually. (Pull down on the rope hanging from the opener, and this will disconnect the door, so you can lift it up.)

2      At approximately 3 or 4 feet from the floor, the door should balance. If the door’s too heavy, if there’s resistance, or if the door doesn’t stay all the way up, the spring will need adjusting, so hire a local dependable garage door expert.

3      Check your owner’s manual for instructions on how to reattach the garage door to your garage door opener.


Keep it lubricated.

Most garage door springs last for about ten years. The most common reasons garage door repair is required are broken cables and springs.

Your garage door opener is one hard worker! Each time you access your garage, your trusty opener system works along with your springs and cables to lift and lower your very heavy (several hundred pounds) door; again and again for years! Our garage door openers offer real convenience. Without them, we’d have to get in and out of our cars and manually open or close our garage doors each time we used them. Many remember having to do just that in the “old days” and a few still do.

A working garage door opener system not only gives us convenience, it also provides a form of security as we don’t have to leave the safety and comfort of our vehicles in order to move the garage door up and down. If you consider that you’ve momentarily left your car to open your garage door, you realize that a thief or burglar could easily jump in and drive off with your vehicle or even attack you and get access to your key ring that most likely includes access to your home. Having a garage door opener that works, bypasses all this hassle, and potential danger.

Our Marietta Garage Door Repair shop offers fast and affordable repair, installation and replacement options for your home or business garage door opener. While our service is always done at your convenience, you may wish to explore some troubleshooting options just in case your garage door opener decides to stop working as it should.

Do This First!

If your Marietta, GA garage door opener isn’t working, don’t panic. You might see dollar signs and potential big bills flashing through your mind but often the solution is a simple and very cost effective (even free!) one. Start by checking your power supply. If nothing happened when you pushed the “power” button on your garage wall or remote then be sure to apply this step. Find the electrical outlet on your garage ceiling where your opener unit is plugged into. Did you find it? Now, unplug the opener by pulling the cord out. Plug something else into it for the test. You can use a small appliance like a shaver or a radio. Does the appliance work? If yes, it’s not your power supply. If not, be sure to check your breaker box to see if one of them has tripped. If so, you will need to reset it. You’d be surprised how many times Marietta Garage Door Repair has responded to a service call and simply found that the power supply was the culprit. Save yourself some time and money by checking first.

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