How to make moving fun?

How to make moving fun?

If you were to ask anyone to describe an average move, rest assured that fun would not be on their list of adjectives. But, this doesn`t have to be the case for your relocation, as well. You can have fun while moving as much as you had while picking out your two-piece prom dress - it all depends on your state of mind. To make moving fun is easy - you just need to know how to achieve it!

Call in for some help

The easiest way to have fun while moving is by not doing all of those tedious chores - or at least not doing them by yourself. If you decide to skip on packing, unpacking, lifting and loading altogether, make sure you find a reputable moving company to do all of those tedious tasks instead of you. Websites like Verified Movers have listings of the majority of reliable moving companies across all the US states, so you can find what you are looking for over there. If you decide to tackle your move without relocation professionals, at least make sure you have some help. Call in your friends, and make a fun day, or even week, out of packing

 Make moving fun with some music

Music always makes everything better. What gets your spirits up while havingrna bad day? Your favorite song, of course. There is no reason why your move should be any different. Besides, it is easier to stay away from common moving troubles, such as stress and injuries, when you put on your favorite jam. Therefore, invest some time into making a moving playlist and play it on the day of your move. Packing, taping, and labeling will go much faster this way

Use an app to help you get organized   

You use an app every day to help you track your calorie intake and your daily activity, so why not use one to help you organize your packing? There are apps you can download for this purpose. They allow you to keep track of what`s inside every box by taking pictures. This way, once you arrive at your new location, you won`t have to spend hours searching for your favorite coffee mug. You will open your app, find it on the picture, and know which moving box to open. How easy and fun does that sound?

Don`t go the extra mile

Yes, moving is not exactly like buying new beauty products, where you can let go, and do what your gut tells you, knowing that there is not a lot to lose. But, it is also not rocket science, and there is no need to complicate things even further. Do you have a lot of clothes to pack? If you do, leaving them in your dresser might be the smarter thing. Why take them all out and then put them back in? It makes no sense. The same goes for the rest of your moving tasks. Let go, don`t complicate things, and make moving fun by relaxing!

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