How to make delicious pasta in easy and healthy way at home?

Pasta is an Italian dish which is mostly made up of flour. You can get the accessories to make this Italian dish easily in the market. There are different size and shapes of pasta for the consumers. The ready to make pasta are quite easy to prepare. But, if you wish to make the authentic Italian cuisine, some steps should be followed. In order to make pasta much healthier the manufacturers use oats or rice flour instead of white flour. In this content we will discuss few steps on how to make pasta.

Ingredients needed

·         Pasta in uncooked form- 1 pound

·         Sauce

·         Salt

·         Pasta container

·         Vegetables- finely chopped and boiled 30%

Steps in how to make pasta               

Ø  Step 1- First of all you have to boil water in a large container. The water must be taken g quarts per pound of pasta. Let it boil to 100 degree centigrade. Also add salt while boiling the water

Ø  Step 2- Add pasta to boil. It depends on the quality and brand of pasta on how much time it will take to boil it totally. Some pasta uncooked chunks take around 10 minutes where as others take 15- 20 minutes. Thus, while boiling you have to stir in regular interval and also check with spoon or fork on whether it is boiled.

Ø  Step 3- Once pasta is boil pour them in a container with holes. This is important as you need to drain away the water from pasta which went inside at the time of boiling.

Ø  Step 4- Now in a separate container and heat oil in it. Add the chopped onions. Now add the tomatoes which were chopped finely. Use the cooking spoon to stir them over the flame. Slightly smash them as well. You can see the tomatoes have become a complete paste which is thick in nature. Now add cayenne and crumble in stock cube. Stir them again and bring it to a sauce like consistency.

Ø  Step 5- Now add the finely chopped vegetables over the pan that has pasta sauce prepared. Stir it and let it boil for 2-3 minutes

Ø  Step 6- Add the boiled pasta in the saucepan and stir it. Mix till well till the sauce cover every pasta. Add little water and boil till gain.

Ø  Step 7- Pour it in a serving dish and garnish with chopped  cayenne,

The problem on how to make pasta is now solved. No need to spend lump sum in the restaurant buying the pasta. You can now easily make pasta at home in your style. This will be really tasty and healthy. No added flavours or adulteration is present. Thus, your kids will definitely like it. When the guests arrive suddenly, make this pasta recipe to surprise them in just no time. The quickly recipe will be appreciated by your guests visiting your house. You can add other ingredients to boost the taste and make it much more delicious. All depends on your creativity.

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