How to maintain Long Lasting Ability Of Terracotta Roofs?

How to maintain Long Lasting Ability Of Terracotta Roofs?

Terracotta is a clay-based ceramic roof and one of the most popular options for roofing primarily due to low-maintenance and longevity. However, every roofing material can perform for many years when you pay attention to the basic maintenance rules. Usually, this variety of roof can last for fifty years or more. If you want to keep your terracotta tiles in perfect condition, you need to follow a few tips to maintain it properly. More and more people are switching to terracotta for their properties and aesthetics. You can call up a roof restoration Melbourne to learn more about the maintenance of a terracotta roof.

1. Inspecting the roof 

Even though terracotta roofs are durable, but you may still need to check the roof properly for it to last. If you find cracked or chipped tiles or any other damage due to fading colours, you need to replace it immediately. Allowing the broken or cracked tiles to stay can compromise the function of the roof and the structure of your home. If you know how to replace a broken tile, you can go ahead with the DIY tutorials. However, you can also ask the experts to carry out roof repairs in Melbourne soon.

2. Avoid walking on the tiles 

Due to the shape of the tiles, you will find it even more challenging to walk on the roof, but if you want to take the opportunity to walk at all, be sure to take the steps as stomping can break or cause further damage to the tiles.

3. Cleaning terracotta tiles 

No matter how durable or energy-efficient the terracotta roof is, you have to clean it properly with the help of power washer that comes with a nozzle for spraying and a motor. Due to the pressure with which water can be sprayed on the tiles, you can loosen the dirt and debris to keep the roof clean. However, you should hold the nozzle away from the tiles to avoid causing damage. For cleaning algae, a solution containing mild detergent and water can keep your roof clean. Be sure to stay safe during the cleaning process, so take someone along during this task to maintain cleanliness on the roof.

4. Flashing and gutters 

While cleaning the terracotta roof, you cannot skip the flashing and gutters. Inspection of skylight, vents, and chimney as they often succumb to damage during bad weather. If you know how to align the gutters, you can prevent overflow, which in turn can damage the foundation of the home. It is essential to clean the downspouts and gutters to prevent the build-up of debris. 

5. Fixing small issues

Targeting and fixing minor errors on the terracotta roof will help it from worsening and further damage. From periodic cleaning of downspouts and gutters to covering them with a wire mesh to prevent the collection of debris inside, every single step for cleaning the roof can prolong its life. If you want to keep the tiles in good shape, be sure to wash the algae within every two years. 

The longevity of terracotta tiles is a foregone conclusion. However, the valley sections of the tiles can become a hub of dirt and debris. To ensure that the tiles stay in good condition, you have to follow the tips of maintenance and consult with the experts to get the recommendations. 

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