How to get drug licence for PCD Pharma Franchise Business

To start an independent business in the pharmaceutical sector PCD Pharma franchise is the best business available.  To run a business in the market, a drug license is important. Without it running a business in the market is illegal. For drug license, there is a procedure and documentation. Running a business without completing legal procedures is illegal. For starting the PCD Pharma Franchise business in the market, The central drugs standard control organization and state drugs standard control organization issue the drug license.

PCD Pharma Franchise is a popular business sector in the market. Every second person suffering from bad health which requires proper medication. To cure diseases, quality medicines required. So there is a huge demand for pharma products in the market. As people becoming and spending a good part of income on healthcare products so opening the PCD Pharma franchise is a great way for delivering medicines in the market place. For franchise businesses associating with a genuine company is important. Among all available pharma companies, DM Pharma is the best and reliable pharma company.
Here in our next segment, we will discuss drug license documents and its procedure.

Documents which required for Drug License:-

Application form no. 19 to be submitted in a prescribed form.
Cover letter
Challan of fee deposited.
Declaration form 
Key plans for the premises.
Site plan for the location
Affidavit of proprietor, partner, and pharmacist, etc.
Freezer purchase bill with the address.
The electricity bill for the premises.
Ownership or rent agreement deed of premises.

How to Apply for New Drug License for Wholesale?

Go to and click on sales login
Click on dropbox and select location
Apply for USER ID and Password
Enter user name and password
Click on submit button
Click on Update my details
Go to Menu and click on Prepare/Edit online application
Tap on New Inward 
Afterward, Click on Ok button
Now, click on the Storage type and select at least one from them
Tap on Document type from dropbox and select Aadhar Card (compulsory) and fill Aadhar No.
Press on Inward type from dropbox and select Fre-add/Fresh license
Now tap on RP IN RETAIL /CP IN WHOLESALE button 
Elect on the ADD button and fill all the details. Upload Photographs and Documents. 
Now press on the CON button and then on the ADD button. Fill all the details and Save
Take self-declaration of RP/CP and proprietor. Get it signed by a registered pharmacist 
Let it uploading with other documents when required
Afterward, Click on Back button and tap on By Firm & Print Form
Print Form 19/19A/19B/19C and Log out
The authorized signatory will sign system-generated Form 19/19A/19B/19C
Keep it uploading with other documents
Pay the fee. Print  it and upload it
Now, Login with User ID & Password
Click on By Firm (Left Top Corner)
Press on Payment Entries
Click on New (Right Top Corner)
Choose payment type FRAS Payment and fill all details. 
Tap on Upload document and upload all the required document then click on Close button
Click on Additional information/Undertaking
Click on Undertaking Button of the same screen, fill and click on E-Sign button
Certify and eSend Application to Dept----Licensing Authority
Licensing authority will forward it to Drug Inspector---5 working Days-Drug Inspector
Drug Inspector will check the document and premises and will submit his report to the Licensing Authority
After reviewing the report Licensing Authority will grant or reject the License

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