How To Get A Festive Loan?

How To Get A Festive Loan?

India is culturally rich and is known or the various festive Celebrations. Indians are very attached to their culture and they welcome every festival with great honor and celebrate with full colors and lights of enjoyment. People of all caste, creed, status, rich & poor are no exception to the festive celebrations. What remains common among their joys, celebrations, & festive preparations are the money. The money expenses that need to be incurred and how to fund those expenses. The onus for arranging the money is still mainly the responsibility for the Karta of the family. 

Funds for the festivals are required for the following reasons.

1) Lighting & decorations.

2) New purchases of clothing and accessories.

3) Food & Sweets.

4) Gifts.

5) Crackers. 

6) Gold purchasing.

7) Others – include making investments in assets.

Indians generally prefers to make investments in the assets on the auspicious day of, such as purchasing a property, gold coins/bonds/bars/jewelry, new car, equipment, furniture, etc.

How to arrange for the festive money?

 The money for the festive celebrations can be arranged either from:

1) The savings.

2) Through salary advances.

3) Through salary Arrears.

4) Through yearly bonus.

5) Availing short-term or long-term loans from the lender Banks/NBFCs/HFCs.

A) For those looking for investments in property can opt for a home loan or a mortgage loan with banks.

B) Small-scale businessmen or farmers looking for equipment or vehicle loan may go for equipment loans / commercial (vehicle) loan with the bank.

C) For those purchasing a new car may go for car loan.

 D) Those looking for small expenses may choose to apply for instant personal loans.

Under whatever circumstances, we Indian will always find a way to arrange for our festive expenses, either through our own funds or through funding in the form of bank loans, but whatever way it is, the festivals will always be celebrated with a great enthusiasm.

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