How To Fix Gmail Smtp Not Working Issue

Gmail's SMTP server is not working

Google SMTP is a simple mail transfer protocol, which is a set of easy-to-use communication links used to send mail over the Internet. And Google SMTP, which is used to send mail through Google or your Gmail account. But if your account's SMTP settings aren't working and you're wondering why my Gmail SMTP server isn't working, check out the details below.

Steps to correct the SMTP settings of the Google account.

Enable less secure apps in Gmail

  • The main reason SMTP doesn't work online is that you may be using unprotected software on your mail that is not protected.
  • Then log in to your Gmail account to fix the problem
  • Clickless secure apps: turn it off
  • Wait while Google updates its settings
  • Check your mail, SMTP would start working
  • Two-factor validation method.
  • If your account does not support SMTP, you can use a two-factor authentication method
  • This method is more secure and provides secure access to your mail.
  • It is familiar to both your users and so users don't have to remember their passwords.
  • To enable two-factor authentication, connect your mailbox to Google via OAuth.
  • And consequently, you end up with the GTP SMTP pinning. In case of doubt or query, you can contact the customer service number.

How to use Google's SMTP server?

In this section, we will show you how to send emails through Google's SMTP server with the Gmail or WordPress application.

  • As we go along, here are the details of Google SMTP:
  • SMTP server:
  • SMTP username. Your full Gmail address, such as
  • SMTP password. Your Gmail password:
  • SMTP port. 465 (SSL) / 587 (TLS)
  • TLS / SSL. Required.

Gmail SMTP Troubleshooting

If you use Gmail as an outgoing email server and cannot send the correct email, Google may block login attempts from your applications or devices. Depending on whether you use Google Apps or not, the troubleshooting steps will be different.

  • For Google app users
  • If you are a Google Apps user, you will need your administrator to allow users to change the policies of less secure applications. If you are a Google Apps administrator, follow these steps:
  • Navigate the Google Apps Control Panel.
  • Click on "Security" and then on "Basic Settings".
  • Look for "Less secure applications", then click "Go to Settings for less secure applications".
  • Select "Allow users to manage their access to less secure applications."
  • For other Google users
  • If you don't use Google Apps, follow the steps in the following sections to see if 2-Step Verification is enabled for your account.
  • If 2-Step Verification is not enabled on your account, follow these steps:
  • Navigate to the "Less secure applications" page to log in with your account. This option is usually required by very popular email clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird, they should not be considered insecure.
  • Select the "Enable" option.
  • Still can't send mail through Gmail?
  • Please note that you are entering the wrong password to solve more problems. If you can remember your password, resetting or changing your Gmail password is a good idea.

Some email applications use older and less secure technologies to access your email account, and Gmail blocks those requests by default. In these cases, you will receive a message about the security of the email client.

To solve this problem, log in to your Gmail account through a web browser ie log in with less secure applications. If this is not the reason why Gmail is not working in your email client, you may need to open it.


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