How To Find The Best Hip Replacement Hospitals At Low Cost

How To Find The Best Hip Replacement Hospitals At Low Cost


Painful hip joint because of arthritis, fractures, injuries or bone tumor is replaced surgically with an artificial joint which is often made up of metal or plastic components. Have you been recently facing problem in sitting in and moving out of the chair or while moving and often feel uncomfortable while sleeping then you might have to see a doctor? The Hip joint is a ball and socket mechanism that helps a person to move their legs for everyday activities.  Though people consider this as a last preference for their pain relief, but hip replacement surgery in India has massive success stories. 

Different Types Of Hip Replacement Surgery: 

There are different surgical options for fractured, deformity in hip bone. Hip replacement surgeries in India are as follows:

ARTHROSCOPY: This surgery involves small incisions, specialized instruments and a tiny camera. This procedure is performed to fix tears in soft tissues around the knee, hip, shoulder and joints. Repair damaged free-floating cartilages. Generally operated on the age group below 40 years old. 

JOINT RESURFACING: it is also called as unicompartmental or partial knee replacement. Usually opt by those with physically demanding jobs. Operated on the age group below 60 years old. This procedure relieves pain and improves function. 

OSTEOTOMY: Osteotomy involves cutting and removing bone or adding a wedge of bone near a damaged joint. Those who are too young for total replacement surgery, patients in their 30’s. This procedure can halt damage and may decrease the need for joint replacement. 

SYNOVECTOMY: This procedure is useful for people with inflammatory arthritis, the lining of the joints. People with limited cartilage damage in the affected area who have tried anti-inflammatory medications, but who continue to have inflammation or overgrowth in different parts of the body can be corrected with this procedure. 

ARTHRODESIS, OR FUSION:  This is one of the most frequently practiced surgery which uses  pins, plates, rods or other hardware to join two or more bones in the ankles, wrist etc. people with severe joint pains and inflammatory arthritis makes the best candidates. 

TOTAL JOINT REPLACEMENT: people with severe joint pain and who aren’t relieved from any other treatment can go through the surgery. The damaged joint is replaced with an implant. The implants are strong and proven be a great success.  

MINIMALLY INVASIVE TOTAL JOINT REPLACEMENT: This procedure replaces the damaged joints but leads to smaller incisions than in traditional ones. 

JOINT REVISION:  failed, infected or worn-out implants can be removed and replaced with a new one. Since implants can last more than 20 years, so the one who gets them at an early age only needs revision. 

Cost And Success Rate

Hip replacement surgeries in developed countries are very expensive and hence, it is not at all affordable for everyone. The cost of surgery might differ from one state to another for example the hip replacement cost in Delhi may differ with the surgery cost in Mumbai. But it will still be cheaper than the surgery cost offered by other countries. The average cost of surgery is around Rs 300,000- 800,000.

Best Hospitals: 

Apollo Speciality Hospital Chennai India
Manipal Hospital Bangalore India
Metro Hospital Delhi India
MIOT hospital Chennai India
Narayana Health Bangalore India
Fortis Hospital India
Global Hospital
Artemis Hospital


 Advancement in technology and under the precision of skilled doctors, India is in the lead of hip replacement surgeries. Our pocket friendly budget and medical tourism packages for patients from different country are one of the most amazing tools for patients oversea. 

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