How To Export Bulk Liquids To Aruba

How To Export Bulk Liquids To Aruba

Getting into bulk liquid shipping is a lucrative venture at this moment in time. You have the ability to ship a wide range of liquids to anywhere in the world, so you can find just the right market for your product. Aruba is one such place where there’s a big market for bulk liquids, so here’s how you can get started shipping there.

Determine Your Product

The very first thing to do is determine what bulk liquid product you’ll be shipping to Aruba. This will require some research on your part, to see what you have access to and what you could be sending to buyers in the area. 

With some quick research, you’ll be able to find out what’s available in Aruba, and what there’s a demand for. When you know this, you can decide what products you’ll start marketing to buyers here. 

Find A Buyer

Once you know what product you’ll be selling, you’ll then need to find a buyer for it. The best way to do this is to set up meetings with potential buyers in the country, and go there to meet with them in person. This allows you to barter with them and come to an agreement. 

If you don’t know where to start finding a buyer, then you can talk to a broker. Export brokers are people who have deep knowledge of the area when it comes to exports, and so can match you up with buyers who are looking for your product. 

Once you’ve agreed upon a deal, you’ll then be ready to start shipping your goods out. 

Get The Right Tanks For The Job

When you’re back on home soil, you can start looking into the right tanks to ship the bulk liquids you’re selling. There’s a larger range out there than ever before, so you should be able to find one that suits your needs. 

For example, many businesses are using Flexibags, also known as Flexitanks. These are a newer tank style, that offer a lot of benefits to you. You can use a flexitank for oil, edible liquids, non hazardous chemicals, and a lot of other liquids. As they have such a wide use range, you can most likely use them with your bulk liquids. They’re actually approved by the FDA, which is great if you’re shipping edible liquids. 

They also offer a lot of benefits as flexibags for sale don’t need to be cleaned, as they’re one use only. Instead, flexibags are recycled and then a brand new one is used for the next shipment. That saves a lot of money on cleaning and storage costs, so that’s something that you’ll want to keep in mind. 

Flexibags for sale aren’t the only tanks out there, of course. There are ISO tanks, IBCs, drums, and more. Ensure you do your research and pick a tank that’s right for your needs. 

Find A Suitable Shipping Company

The next task on your list is to find a shipping company that can handle the bulk liquids you’ll be sending, and the type of tank you’ll be using. For example, if you’re using flexibags, then they need to have training in how they’re handled and sealed up for shipping. Can they ensure that they can do that?

Of course, you’ll want a company that can ship to Aruba, too. You’ll find there’s a large amount of shipping companies that do global shipping, so you can take your pick. The key is to find a few that look good, and talk to each of them. 

Ask them what they can offer you in terms of rates, and speed of delivery. Can they ensure that your flexitank for oil will get to its destination in time?

Ask About Safety

One of the most important things you should be asking, when you are looking for a shipping company, is how they ensure the safety of your flexitank for oil when it’s in their care. For example, if it’s a liquid that needs to be protected from cold temperatures, how will they do that? 

Will there be any stops on the way that you need to know about? Depending on the liquid, it’ll need to be shipped as quickly as possible. Can it be handed off to another driver or shipper, to ensure it gets there sooner?

Also, don’t forget to ask about insurance. Any reputable shipping company should have it, so if anything were to happen to your flexibags in transit, you are both covered. You can ask to see their insurance documentation, before you make a decision. 

Check You Have The Right Documentation

When shipping flexibags for sale abroad, you’ll need to comply with local export and import laws. This will be the same when you’re shipping to Aruba. The laws will differ depending on the exact bulk liquid you’re shipping, so ensure to check the rules before you start readying liquids for shipping. 

Have that documentation ready before shipping, so everything is ready to go. You’ll see that having it all present and correct will avoid any delays in customs, once it reaches Aruba. 

Now you know all the basics about shipping bulk liquids to Aruba. If you prepare in the correct manner and look for the best ways to ship your bulk liquids, you can start up a lucrative export business. Use these tips to help you get set up, and find the right buyer for your bulk liquids.

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