How to effectively maintain concrete floors: Everything you need to know

Concrete flooring is common in places like basements, driveways, parking lots, etc. But nowadays a lot of people are opting for indoor concrete flooring. As it looks aesthetically pleasing and keeps the home warmer due to its thermal mass. Moreover, concrete is durable and easy to maintain compared to other options. 

Concrete floors are of different types, standard epoxy, polished concrete, quartz flooring, metallic epoxy, etc. All of them have different advantages and disadvantages, but some features are common across them all, as all of them are highly durable, economical, versatile, low-maintenance, and mostly weatherproof. 

To construct a concrete floor, raw materials like rocks, granite chips, etc are mixed with cement and water. Cement here works as the primary binding agent, that’s why floors of these kinds are also generally known as cement floors or cement concrete floors. For effective construction, good quality cement like Wonder Cement works well, as it uses the best-quality limestone as its raw material. 

It’s also important to waterproof concrete floors. As it'll come in regular contact with water during cleaning. If it's not waterproof it can impact the longevity of the floor. But waterproofing happens differently for outdoor and interior concrete. For instance, it's advisable to use an epoxy-based sealer for interior cement and acrylic-based sealers for outdoor cement. 

If you are thinking about constructing a concrete floor in your home or if you have done that already, here are some tips that can help you maintain it. 

  1. Sweep away the layer of dust and debris on the floor. You can use a broom or dry cloth here. 

  2. Use a mop to gently scrub the floor of stubborn stains. These stains are will be hard to remove with a dry cloth, and they might require a cleaning agent.  

  3. As floor cleaners are usually alkaline or acidic, they might disturb the chemical composition of concrete which can lead to corrosion. Hence, choose a cleaner with a neutral level of pH. 

  4. To keep away the dullness from your concrete floor, wax the floor and apply a sealant. 

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