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Arlo is the very personification of the phrase ‘It is better to be safe than sorry.’ Technology is making it easier to improve the security features in your house so that you can protect your family and your home. Few names in the home security industry inspire trust as much as Arlo. Arlo is best known for developing the world’s first 100% wireless and weatherproof home security camera. If you want to find out which Arlo product is best suited for your come you can call the Arlo Customer Care and speak to an Arlo representative who will be able to help you understand all the features better. If you feel that you would like to download Arlo for your Windows 10 or Mac computer then this article is meant for you.

Features of Arlo

Arlo takes no chance when it comes to the safety of your home and your family. Here are some of the innovative security features of Arlo:

1.      Motion Sensor: Arlo cameras have built-in motion sensors so that you are always aware of any activity around your house.

2.      Smart Object Detection: Arlo’s smart AI technology is able to detect and characterize motion to identify whether it is a person, animal or vehicle.

3.      Recording: Arlo has 24/7 cloud recording and allows you to store videos for a longer period of time.

4.      Activity Zone: You can set up activity zones using the Arlo App to monitor or otherwise ignore movement in a particular area.

5.      Notifications: The Arlo mobile app allows you to receive notifications of any suspicious or dangerous activity in your house so that you can take immediate action.

6.      Emergency Response: The automatic emergency response features on the Arlo app allows you to notify emergency services immediately and sends them to your house as soon as possible.

There are many more features available on Arlo depending on which product you choose and which subscription you take.

Steps to Download Arlo App in Windows 10 & Mac

In order to use the Arlo app, you will first need to download an Android emulator on your computer. The Android emulator will allow you to run and test the Arlo application on your Windows or Mac device. This article mentions using Nox App Player as an android emulator but you can use any Android emulator you are comfortable with.


·        Go to the app store on your device and download the Nox App Player.

·        Follow the given instructions to install Nox App Player.

·        When the installation is complete go to the Nox home page.

·        Select the Google Folder and click on the Play Store.

·        Enter your Google account details and login

·       Type ‘Arlo’ in the search file and search for the app

·        Click the Arlo app and press ‘Install’ and complete the installation process

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The Arlo app is compatible with Windows as well as Mac operating systems but you must make sure that you download the latest available version. If you have any difficulty installing or using the Arlo app you Contact Arlo customer care number and ask for additional help.

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