How to Download AOL Desktop Gold?

AOL Desktop Gold is the latest application driven by the AOL. It facilitates users to browse any website, sends emails, and has a conversation with friends and family members and all this with the same AOL Desktop Gold application. Therefore it has many advanced features which a user can enjoy with.

Below are the steps are given as how to download and Install AOL Gold. Now firstly a user need to Download AOL Desktop Gold to enjoy it’s so many services.The Users can easily download AOL Desktop Gold under the guidance of experts who can firstly clean your desktop from harmful and infected files and then Install AOL Gold Easily. You just need to contact AOL technical Support Team through their Toll Free Number +1-844-443-3244 available 24×7. But if you can download the software manually then there are steps given below to follow.

There are three possible options for every user to download AOL Gold.

How to Download AOL Desktop Gold

  1. If you are an AOL Advantage Plan Member– If a user has this plan then AOL Desktop Gold is included at no additional cost with your membership. Hence you simply follow the given steps
  • Sign in to your AOL account at
  • Under “All Products,” scroll to “AOL Desktop Gold.”
  • Now click Download Now.
  • Then follow the installation steps listed below.


  1. If you have an AOL Desktop Gold trial or subscription
  • Sign in to
  • Click Manage My Subscriptions.
  • Click the Premium Subscriptions tab.
  • Now click Get Started under “AOL Desktop Gold“.
  • Then follow the installation steps listed below.


  1. Using the link in the Official AOL signup confirmation email you received-
  • Search your inbox for the subject line “Get Started with AOL Desktop Gold” or “Start enjoying the new AOL Desktop.”
  • Open the email.
  • Click Download AOL Desktop Gold or Update Now.
  • Navigate to your Downloads folder and click Save.
  • Follow the installation steps listed below.

After successfully downloading, users need to Install AOL Desktop Gold to enjoy the application.

Install AOL Desktop Gold

  1. Open your Downloads folder.
  2. Double click the Install_AOL_Desktop icon.
  3. Click Run.
  4. Click INSTALL NOW.

Now your latest AOL Desktop Gold is successfully downloaded and installed in your system. You can enjoy numerous services of AOL Gold by this updated application. If you face any kind of technical glitches in downloading and installing AOL gold then you can contact on AOL Desktop Gold Support Number +1-844-443-3244 where experts are available 24*7 to provide 100% resolution to your AOL gold query.


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