How to Dispose of or Recycle Yard Waste

How to Dispose of or Recycle Yard Waste

In Toronto, officials consider yard waste as tree stumps, branches, leaves, dead garden vegetation, old shrubs, wood shavings, roots, grass clippings, and even dirt and rocks. If you have any of these items lying around your property, you have several options for having them removed. One possibility is to dispose of or recycle them yourself. The other solution is to hire a company that provides professional yard waste removal services.

Doing It Yourself

If you prefer to tackle the job of yard waste removal on your own, you can. The one thing you don’t want to do is burn it. The reason is that the smoke pollutes the air. Also, if there are any potentially harmful items in the burn pile, they could release toxins into the environment. Instead, consider starting a compost pile.

Especially if you enjoy gardening, compost makes the perfect “home-grown fertilizer.” Along with waste from your yard, you can toss things like old fruit and vegetables into the pile. By sprinkling compost on flowers, vegetables, and various plants, they’ll receive all the nutrients they need to flourish.

If you don’t garden or grow much around your home, you can look for other people who do. In fact, there are several companies in Toronto that look for yard waste specifically to create large compost piles to use for agricultural growing. These businesses will send a team and truck to pick everything up so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Another possibility is to look around your Toronto property for yard waste that you can recycle. Whether you enjoy repurposing things or find an individual or company that does, this benefits you and them. As a perfect example, people can turn old branches and tree stumps into beautiful pieces of furniture like tables, chairs, desks, beds, and more.

Using Professional Services

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a reputable company in Toronto is that along with yard waste, it can haul other things away on your behalf. In other words, they provide services for junk pickup in Toronto, allowing you to have old furniture, broken appliances, construction debris, and a host of other things removed as well. The best company even handles hazardous materials.

You might think that hiring a junk pickup company in Toronto would cost a pretty penny when actually, a highly respected company offers competitive prices. All you have to do is make the phone call to have it send a team of experts to your location.

Yard Waste Removal and More

Regardless if you need help with a small amount of yard waste or an enormous pile, we can help. At 1-800-Rid-Of-It we specialize in removing and disposing of just about anything. Take charge by giving us a call today.

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