How to decorate your office?

How to decorate your office?

People are spending a big part of the day at work. The design of the office has a great effect on feelings, thinking, and productivity. Pleasant working environment equals happier and more lucrative workers. There are many studies that confirm this thesis. As an employer, you need to acknowledge this fact and decorate your office space accordingly. It doesn't have to cost a lot. You will be surprised how bright colors, some plants, proper lighting, and interesting details can make a huge difference.

Decorating your office after the relocation

When you are moving your office into a new space, you have a clean canvas to decorate it as you wish. If you have the proper assistance for your office relocation, that will leave you time to think about all the details that will make your new office space a pleasant place to work in. It a clear canvas that you can use as your advantage and make a unique space where people will be happy to work in. 

Decorate your office space in a way that will make your employers happy to come to work

As an employer, your business depends on the people working for you. It's simple really – the better the employee is feeling at the workspace, the more productive it will be. While many don't understand that, people are the biggest asset of successful companies. Treat them, as you would like to be treated. That is implied also when it's time to decorate your office space. Ask yourself – will you have the motivation to come to a grim space every single day? Or you will be happier in a nice and pleasant ambiance?
Keep that in mind when you start to decorate your office space. 

Choosing the office space

If you are starting a new business and you are in the need of the office space, take regard for its appearance. It doesn't have to be fancy – the main thing is to have a lot of natural lighting. Everything else can be fixed with a splash of paint. From the more practical side, be sure that the office has everything that you need to operate efficiently. Pay attention to the electric jacks. You don't want to trip over the extension cord every step you take.

Still, if you are moving to another space or relocating your office to another city/state, you will have a little time to focus on the way to decorate your office. That is if you don't hire a moving company that can help you with that. Office relocation is really the situation when hiring movers is a real necessity. If you choose wisely and enlist the help of a reputable company like Movin' Murdy - Pittsburgh Movers, you will ensure that your office relocation will go smoothly. These movers have years of experience and know exactly how to move your office in the most effective, safest and quickest way. That will take a lot of burden off your shoulders, and you can focus on the other tasks that office move will require, like decorating the office space. 


While the natural light is very important, the artificial light also has to be suitable. The neon or yellow light isn't the right solution. It is very contra-productive since it is tiring the eyes. The best option for office lightning is the light balls that illuminate the white light. White light is soothing for the eyes and enhance the wake and concentration periods.

Wall colors

Choosing the perfect color of the walls can really increase your business. Colors have a great psychological effect and they have a great impact on our mood. When you start to decorate your office, be wise about choosing the paint shade for your walls.

Perfect colors for office:

  • Green – This color is bright, energetic and lifts a spirit. People who are working in the spaces painted by this color have more energy and motivation to complete their tasks. 

  • Yellow – While it has a similar effect as the green, you should be very careful about this color. Strong shades can be overwhelming, but the light ones can get you the effect that you need.

  • White – While technically it isn't a color, nothing beats the clean, white walls. It makes every space look bigger and brighter, which is very important if your office is small.

Colors to avoid:

  • Purple – Many studies show that people with depression prefer this color. Also, this is a color that is soothing and calming, that can drain the motivation and energy from your employees if they are surrounded by it every day.

  • Maybe blue – This shade of blue is the most popular color for painting hospitals. Surely you don't want your employees to be reminded of such space on a daily bases.

  • Red – Red is the color passion, but also the color of rage. Itself explanatory why it has no business in the office space.

  • Orange – This bright color is reminding us of danger, since its use on the life-saving jackets. Painting the whole wall in this color is a big mistake, but combining it with other colors can be very effective. As long as it is in the small doses.

  • Grey – Grey walls make every space grim and dark. Its the color of the rainy, lazy afternoon that drains all the motivation and excitement.


Let employers personalize their workstations

Give your employees some freedom in what their space looks like. The more they feel „at home“, they will be more eager to do their job well. If they have some suggestions about improving the entire office space, listen to them. Small adjustments can benefit you greatly.

How to decorate your office cubicle

When you are working for a big company, the office spaces can be quite sterile and minimalistic. There's no need for your workspace to be like that.
By personalizing it, you can bust your productivity and desire to do a great job.


Having photos of your loved ones will remind you of home and motivate you to finish your work efficiently in order to spend more time with them. It is also a great way to showcase your family to coworkers and create a deeper bond with people that you are spending a lot of hours every day.


Looking out onto nature relaxes the mind and provides relief. If your workplace is far from the window, bring nature to you. Having a plan at your desk will lower your stress levels and brighten your moods. Don't worry if you don't have time to deal with a plant in your workplace or you are afraid that you will kill it – there are some really low demanding plants that you can get. Also, the artificial plant will have a similar effect as the real one. And the only hassle you will have with it is to dust it from time to time.

Interesting details

There's no better way to express your personality than to bring items that show off your interests. That can be a cup with funny writing, an extraordinarily shaped lamp, the bubblehead figurines or a piece of the small artwork. Choose the items that feel you with joy when you look at them and make your workspace your own.

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