How to cook farro

There are few type of farro.  In this instance, we refer to Pearled Spelt which has no bran at all and take the least time to cook.

Cooking farro is just like cooking pasta.  As a rule of thumb, the size of pot and the amount of water you need depends on the amount of farro you need to cook.  Bring a pot of salted water to rapid boil.  In my kitchen, I have the luxury of able to maintain the boiling water at 120 degree celsius for rapid cooking.  By adding salt to water, you are able to increase the boiling temperature to 102 degree celsius. Then add farro into the boiling water and set your timer for 18 minutes (my timer usually beeps every 5 minutes to remind me to stir the pot).  Drain the cooked farro into a colander and spread the farro on trays to cool and dry out.

It is crucial that the farro is air dried to give it power to absorb flavours.

Therefore, our cooked farro has the following characterictics: 1. nutty flavour. 2 delicate chew. 3. versatile. 4. able to absorb flavour. 5. sexy just because it is a rustic Italian food.

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