How to contact Delta Airlines call center agent?

How to contact Delta Airlines call center agent?

Delta Airlines is from the USA which is based in Atlanta, Georgia. This airline serves 325 destinations in 52 countries and territories on 6 continents. Many travelers prefer to travel from this airline because it offers the services for the trip that will be amazing for the travelers. If you also want to travel with Delta Airlines, talk to Delta Airlines call center agent so they can help you make reservations. Just call the Delta Airlines phone number that is +1-802-341-3454 or +1-800-221-1212, which is totally free. 

1. Call number 1 to speak in your preferred language.

2. Dial number 2 to make changes.

3. Press button 4 to cancel flights.

4. Press number 5 to make reservations.

5. Hit button 7 to learn about the loyalty program.

6. Call number 8 to ask about luggage. 

Methods to connect with Delta Airlines agent

Write an email -  You can connect with the representatives through email, where you can solve your problem, you can share your query, complaint or issue. Generally travelers write an email when they cannot call the Delta Airlines call center agent,  for that reason Delta Airlines provides different connecting services. Write an email to 

Social networks -  Applications like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that can help you become aware of new offers and news from the airline. You can also find out about Delta SkyMiles, which is Delta Airlines's loyalty program. Are you looking for cheap flights? Subscribe those accounts and the airline will notify you. 

24-hour service- Delta Airlines call center is available 24 hours a day, agents are available every day to resolve problems for their customers. For other services such as canceling flights you must dial at Delta contact number +1-802-341-3454 or +1-800-221-1212 from Monday to Saturday 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM. 

Through chat section -  With the help of this section you can chat live with the agents of this airline. It is a service provided by the airline to resolve its customers' queries about flights. It is the best option to connect because if you connect once you can chat live. Here are the steps of chatting with the agent. 

1. Find the official Delta Airlines website.

2. Hit the “help center” option.

3. Then on the next page you will see the chat option where you must touch the “Continue to chat” option.

4. At the end you can start talking according to your flight queries.

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