How to clean house before you move out?

How to clean house before you move out?

Moving is a complicated process, everybody knows that. However, most of us forget about the cleaning part while rushing to prepare everything for the move. While your movers are taking care of packing and transporting of your moving boxes, you should make a solid cleaning plan. No matter what the reason for your relocation is, you should make sure to leave your home spotlessly clean.

Make a cleaning plan

If you are moving from your home, cleaning before the move in necessary. However, the cleaning process will not be the same if you are renting the apartment or owning your home. For instance, leaving your home clean for the next tenant means getting it back into an original condition. If you are renting an apartment, you should focus on the small repairs and clean in detail.

However, if you are the owner of a house and you plan to sell, you might need to stage your home before the move. This implies not only the cleaning process but also making your home seem appealing to potential buyers. No matter which situation of those is yours, make sure to make a good cleaning plan. It will help you organize the cleaning process with all the moving boxes laying around.

Make a plan with your movers

When you start cleaning your home during the move, one thing can make you lose the patience in a second. That is, of course, all the moving boxes laying around your home. Since the moving process can be complicated, make sure to hire Big Apple Movers NYC to help you pack and move our all the boxes. If you hire professionals to handle all of your belongings, you will have enough time to devote to the cleaning process.

Depending on the moving day timeline, you might want to wait for your movers to take all the boxes out of your home. This will leave enough room for you to walk through your home freely and clean all the hidden corners.

Clean floors and windows

During the moving process, floors and windows will be covered in dust for sure. These are the surfaces that will most likely be hard to clean before the moving day. Prior to your move, you will probably be running around the house and sorting out your belongings. This is why it’s the best to wait for movers to get all the boxes out and then clean the bigger surfaces in your home.

Don’ forget to clean bigger home appliances

The one thing that many of us forget to clean during the moving process is bigger home appliances. Your stove, dishwasher, fridge and a washing machine will probably have a lot of dust and dirt on the back. This is why you should make sure to clean them before your movers wrap them and take them out of your home. In case you want to sell those appliances before the move, you should properly clean them, too. 

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