How to Clean a Top-Loading Machine

How to Clean a Top-Loading Machine

Here is a guide for cleaning top-loading washing machine by Ozclean bond cleaning Brisbane, a professional cleaning service in Australia,

First check if your washing machine has a hot wash cycle, if yes turn it on and interrupt in once the water has been filled. If there is no such option, simply heat water in a container fill it manually.

Then add some chlorine bleach and turn on the washing cycle for few moments. This will mix the bleach and water. Turn it off and allow the chlorine mixture to sit there for about one hour. This will let the grime, mildew, and other particles lift inside the washing machine. You can also use the same amount of white vinegar instead of bleach if you prefer a natural alternative.


After that, complete one washing cycle, and now the inside of the machine is well sanitized. Once the cycle is complete and it smells like bleach, run a washing cycle again but this time, fill the machine with hot water mixed with a quart of vinegar. 

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