How to choose my stones and crystals?

Although not all couples pay attention to the meanings of some details for their marriage, there are others for which this aspect is very important. In this case, there are those who say that the precious stone of the ring should revolve around its meaning and what the couple seeks with it.




The violet gemstones represent perfection, triumph, will, firmness and righteousness. It is also known to raise physical energy. In turn, the sapphire has the title "stone of success, truth and wisdom" and raises awareness. Meanwhile, the aaa cubic zirconia ​​is a very interesting stone because it is characterized as a stone of trust and intelligence, it symbolizes offspring, it brings luck in love and drives away sadness and represses lust. All a jewel. For its part, the emerald has the green of hope and represents abundance. It provides balance and patience.

The meaning of the stone

Do not think that this colorless zircon is your only option. There are many more, as is the case of semiprecious stones that give you a rainbow of colors, perfect for all tastes and consider other good options outside the typical diamond. These synthetic sapphire are linked to more spiritual, mythical and even esoteric meanings. Amethyst is known as the spirit stone; it symbolizes protection and attracts positive energies. For its part, the turquoise is the stone of friendship, and there are those who comment that it attracts money and prosperity in love. As you can see, there are a variety of options for all budgets and tastes. Which is your favorite? Created opal has its own meaning when we are going to make jewelry from it.


 But this was not always the case in the world of weddings. The story begins in the early twentieth century, when the De Beers firm enjoyed the monopoly of distribution and production of diamonds from around the world, and although they were abundant precious stones, they were responsible for keeping them "scarce" so as not to lower their price in the market. . But obviously this was not enough to sell diamonds as hot cakes, that's how the famous slogan “A diamond is forever" was created, a phrase that would make millions of dollars to the firm since then He began to believe in the idea that the size of the diamond was a test of love.

Although the fame of the synthetic corundum does not hide anything romantic behind its history, you should know that the experts recommend it for its resistance, quality and meaning. For the clarity of the stone, it is always attributed a symbolism of purity, they are very beautiful because the light is reflected very well and always looks elegant in almost any type of ring. The idea is to come with a certificate of quality and trust, as there are several points to consider, for example, cuts, clarity and colors. All this makes red sapphire has become an inevitable factor in the engagement ring, in addition to crossing the borders with its meaning of eternity.

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