How to choose an addiction treatment centre?

Addiction is a primary, chronic, and often deadly disease. This disease affects the functioning and structure of the brain and is recognized by the World Health Organization. Since it is a chronic disease, it has no cure, however, it is a disease that can be stopped and live a full life away from the consumption of drugs and destructive behaviour. The same goes for other chronic diseases, such as diabetes, which has no cure, but can stop and live normally if you apply the right Addiction Treatment Near Me.


As a consequence, it is important not to choose lightly the Addiction Treatment Centers in which one wishes to abandon the use of drugs / addictive behaviours (food, play, work, sex), being fundamental to be conscientious when choosing the therapeutic environment for Start the recovery. Many times as professionals we have to hear that many centres and treatments have been "tried out" and have not been able to stop consuming.

In reality, addiction has statistically fewer relapses than any other chronic disease such as diabetes, but if we do not choose properly where to treat us, it can go against the recovery of the person since apart from continuing to consume, little by little he loses hope to be able to recover, and it's not like that.

Addiction has treatment, and the model of treatment that has given better results, according to studies conducted by the NIDA (National Institute Drugs Abuse) is the Minnesota Model , but it is so important to choose the treatment well as the Addiction Treatment Centers Near Me where we are going to start our treatment.

As professional experts in the treatment of addictions at Drug Addiction Treatment Centers near Me, and with extensive experience in this field, it is important to consider the following aspects:

  • The centre must have the proper sanitary licenses granted by the Ministry of Health.
  • The treatment centre must include several qualified professionals who accredit their specialized training in the treatment of addictions (academic degrees and corresponding training courses). An addiction is a very broad problem that must be treated by various professionals who are experts in this type of pathology.
  • People who have an addiction share a series of signs characteristic of the pathology, however, the circumstances and context of each patient is different. Therefore, it is important that an assessment of each patient is made in a personalized manner with the aim of establishing an individualized treatment according to the needs of each individual. You should seek a personalized treatment, even if you are part of a group .
  • Treatments that are only based on internment periods , keep the patient out of the risk factors and the scope of the substance ("bubble"), which makes it difficult to maintain abstinence when returning to their usual environment .
  • Another important aspect is the frequency with which one should resort to therapies . It is important to bear in mind that the patient must carry out a series of internal changes (habits, behaviours, thoughts) as well as become fully aware of their illness. This is not easy, and requires constant contact with recovery, because it involves behaviors and thoughts that the patient has internalized and rooted (for having repeated them for a long time in consumption).

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