How To Avoid The Wrong Translation Agencies

How To Avoid The Wrong Translation Agencies

There are some common mistakes that can result in the bad experience of the translation agency. Translation of any document is an important task and it should be done carefully. Translation is all about transferring the exact soul of information from one language to other. Translation Company – PoliLinguais keen on delivering the end product with great quality. It is always important to cross check the agency for its experience in translation. Sometimes less experienced or bad quality translator can ruin the job and business. Translation is work with patience and focus. Bad translators can make your task miserable. It is always important to avoid following things while approaching the translation services.

No Automated translations

Some translation agencies do provide a translation with the use of the software. It will affect the overall quality of the work. It is always good to have expert translator rather than any software. Experts are keen on translating between the lines. So they can fulfill the communication gap if there is any.

Highly qualified translators are the first choice of any agency. They are the people who actually take responsibility for the task

The poor translators

Translators sometimes make the mistake of translating each and every word. You need to avoid these people. Translation is all about transferring the meaning of the document. It is not just a word quiz. Poor translator has less knowledge of the depth of translation.

Mute translators

Avoid agencies which do not ask questions about your assignment. Translation looks easy but it’s hard to deliver. Expert translators will always ask questions about your actual requirement. Clearer the translator about the requirement, greater is the quality of the translated document.

So beware of agencies who do not ask a question or connect you with a translator doing the work.

They may give the document on time. But it will make you unhappy about quality

No translation glossary

Avoid agencies which don’t have any tool to memorize the terms.  At one point, every agency should have automated translation glossary tool for every product. It will result in less human labor. Try to approach agencies which use CAT tools, which create translation memory. It is very important to list pre-defined terms in projects. This will surely improve the quality of work.

No proofreader agency

Avoid services that do not proofread the material they are translated. 100 percent of errors can be corrected when we proofread the document. Translator sometimes skips it. Always look for agencies which provide little more time for proofreading after the actual Translation services.

Wrong quotation

Some agencies add more expenses to finish the task. Try to avoid these agencies which give surprise expenses to the client while the work is in progress.    
The wrong choice of translation agency can make your bulk translation work suffer. Be sure to select the experienced agency.

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