How much cost to make an App like Uber

How much cost to make an App like Uber

Uber started with just a concept, and that concept has become a revolution in the field of ride-hailing business. Uber is currently operating in 65+ countries, they have captured and ruled the taxi business. Earlier to book a taxi, we had to visit a taxi stand and ask the driver for it, but now Uber has changed this booking process. Now the ride can be booked by just tapping on a phone. Uber started its operation from Sanfrancisco and now operates worldwide. The potential held by this ride-hailing business is immense. Uber has a market value of 75 billion dollars.

Nowadays, People prefer taxis when travelling to certain places. Young minds and businesses know the potential profit and demand for this ride-hailing business. These businesses have started investing in Uber-like app development in order to compete with uber, ola, Lyft. For the development of these mobile applications, they need to trust app developers or app development companies. App Development charges as per the customization needed by the company. 

Cost to Build Uber Clone App

Uber clone app development begins with customizing the app and developing a final product that will compete against these big names. We as a customer, only know Uber as one app. But in the backend, there are 3 systems working simultaneously to make your ride booking experience pleasant. 

These 3 Apps are:

Customer App: This App will be available on all the platforms. Customer applications allow users to book a ride or schedule a ride.

Driver App: This App is only available for the driver. Drivers can accept or reject ride requests with this app. 

Admin Panel: This is a good panel, it manages the day to day operations of the taxi business. It also stores data in one place. 

If you are starting your own uber like taxi business, you need these 3 systems to be properly placed for efficient business.

So How much does the app cost?

It totally depends on App Development company rates and the customization needed by you. As per the Statista, these are the list of charges taken by different countries per hour.

USA - 70 dollars to 260 dollars per hour

UK - 60 dollar to 200 dollars per hour

Europe- 30 dollar to 100 dollars per hour

India - 10 dollar to 50 dollars per hour

For these kinds of On-Demand App you need a trusted app development company.

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