How MEAN Stack Development Company Can Help Create Modern Web Apps

How MEAN Stack Development Company Can Help Create Modern Web Apps

With the rnrise of the era of mobile Apps, Web Apps are often being ignored as We rntend to think that Web applications are outdated and cannot level up to rnthe standards of Mobile Apps.

Well, it is true.

Mobile Apps with their mind-blowing UI and UX are raising the standards and expectations of users.

And to meet up to these expectations, Web Developers came up with a development Stack called :

MEAN Stack

MEAN Stack is a collection of 4 modern development technologies- MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js.

And it takes care of the entire development process from the front to the back.
MEAN Stack turns out to be the optimum Development Technology for building Modern Web Applications.

This is because the 4 technologies of MEAN Stack are themselves some most popular and new-age development platforms.

These 4 platforms integrate and work together with each other seamlessly to shape up what we call today as a “Modern Web App.”

Modern Web Apps are nothing but those Apps that embodies all the recent trends and standards of a Contemporary Application.

The 4 technologies that make up the MEAN Stack are powerhouses of numerous phenomenal features.

And these features account for all the impressive benefits that you get from using MEAN Stack Application Development for your Web App.

So here’s a list of the benefits that you can enjoy if you choose to develop your Web App using MEAN Stack Technology.

1)Incredible UI and User Experience

In recent times What users look forward to in a Web App is:
Fast response time
No page reloads
Interactive User Interface
Seamless Navigation and User Experience

And a MEAN Stack Web App constitutes all of these Characteristics.

AngularJS the front-end development Framework takes the credit for this.

Ifrn you don’t know already, AngularJS is one of the most popular Front-end rndevelopment Framework for building Single Page Applications.

Its various inbuilt features make it the perfect choice for building Web apps with mind-blowing UI and UX.

Also, the benefits of AngularJS application Development is enormous!
And this reflects when you use MEAN Stack for developing your Web App.

2) Mobile friendly and Responsive User Interface

Almostrn every person owns a smartphone these days. And honestly, an individual rnspends most of his time on his phone rather than on a laptop or desktop.

Now, the problem arises when a Web App doesn’t conform to the screens of your Smartphones or tablets.

Such Apps may look gorgeous in your Desktop. But when viewed in a smartphone, it may seem unappealing.

Sorn to overcome this issue, a developer needs to write an extra set of rncodes to make your App’s UI Mobile Friendly and Responsive.

But with MEAN Stack there’s no need for that.

AngularJSrn empowered Single Page Applications are already responsive enough and rndoesn’t need to be modified much to make it Mobile Friendly.

You are hence saving your Time and Money!

3) Increased Scalability

Your Application should be developed in such a way that it is future ready.

Meaning it should have the capability to withstand its robustness even with an increase in workload.

Withrn MEAN Stack, Scalability shouldn’t be a major concern of yours because rnMongoDB and Node.js support scalability like no other development rnplatform.

4) Efficient and Faster Development

Compared to other development Stacks, MEAN Stack Development is more efficient and hence consumes less time.

This is because:

All the 4 development Platforms employ a single coding script: JavaScript.
All of the platforms support the same data format: JSON
All of the platforms support re-using of codes known as Isomorphic Coding.

These features ultimately make MEAN Stack Development more Time and hence Cost-effective.

5) Greater App Performance

App Performance is an aspect that cannot be overlooked when talking about App development.

No matter how beautiful your UI and UX is, a satisfying Performance is a must for every Web Application.

Now MongoDB and Node.js are explicitly known for delivering Performance driven Web Applications.

So greater Performance is yet another benefit that your Web application can take advantage of MEAN Stack.

6) Budget-friendly Development

Here’s a piece of good news for all you budding Entrepreneurs.

MEAN Stack is one of the most effective ways for developing your Web App. There are many reasons for that, and some of them are:

All the 4 development Platforms in MEAN Stack are open sourced and hence free to use.
You only need to hire one set of developers because all of the MEAN Stack employs the use of Javascript.
Re-using of codes eliminate the necessity for developers to write extra codes and hence you have to pay less.
MEAN Stack Development takes up less time, and since time is money, you need to spend fewer funds.

Thesern 6 points that I penned down above are precisely the reasons Why you as rnan Entrepreneur should approach a Website Development company providing rnMEAN Stack Services for your next Web-based project.

And not just any Company. To get the best results, you should hire the right MEAN Stack Development Company.

ChromeInfotechrn is an ISO certified and globally recognized MEAN Stack Development rnCompany that has been providing premium MEAN Stack empowered Web App solutions for more than 8 years.

Itrn houses a team of experienced Web App developers who strive to deliver rnthe most exceptional Web Solutions in a cost-effective approach.

So if you have an idea for your next Web App development Project, this MEAN Stack Development Company is the right place to go.

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