How Many Appointments Before Getting Braces?

For most of the people suffering from dental issues and looking for a healthy and perfect smile, one of the biggest and most significant steps is to get braces. This is not just helpful in crooked teeth straightening but also helps address several other issues as well. These include overcrowding, under/overbites, headaches etc. In this case, the biggest question that arises in the minds of patients is how long it takes to get braces. While this process is fairly common, most of the people are still not at ease with this. They have several questions like how long do braces take to put on, will they hurt al lot etc. Even you can check how many appointments before getting braces.


How long it take to put braces on?

On an average, this is the process of about 2-2:30 hours. It begins with teeth drying and cleaning by the orthodontist. Glue is then applied by him/her so that the brackets are attached with the teeth. In the final step, a wire is placed in mouth so that the brackets are connected. For braces securing, bands of elastic might also be added by the orthodontist.

Is it painful?

This is another common question other then how many appointments before getting braces or  how long to put braces on that the patients have. No pain is there in getting braces.  However, it is common to find people experiencing discomfort or pain after they had the braces. In general, after one week duration, the symptoms of severe pain subside. However, complete disappearance of pain might take duration of several months.

One can rely on several home remedies for getting relief from this pain. These include getting relievers of counter pain so that the swelling and pain is reduced. Direct application of oral anesthetic for alleviating the gum pain is also possible. Also, after having the braces, it is important that hard foods are avoided and only should rely on the soft foods. Pain alleviation is also possible with salt gargling that is also helpful in cleaning of mouth. The daily brushing must be done using soft brush so that the gums are not irritated.

Are adjustments required?

Patients are not only worried with factors like how many appointments before getting braces or how long do braces take to put on but they are also worried regarding other treatment step such as adjustments etc. With the progress of treatment, there is shifting in teeth and therefore required adjustments are provided by the orthodontist guiding the teeth to final proper positions. Same is true for the treatment with invisalign as well in which trays sets are provided that help in gradual straightening of teeth.

Further steps of the process:

Most of the patients ate highly worried about the pain caused in the process that takes them so long to decide for getting the treatment. In such cases, they can have a word with the orthodontist so as to know about the possible methods that can help ease out the pain.

These factors can help a person to decide for getting braces for teeth straightening so that they can get the perfect flawless smile without experiencing pain and discomfort.

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