Account suspension is the most unfortunate news for online sellers, and there is no one-size solution which fitsall problems. With a vague list of policies and guidelines, it is nearly difficult for a vendor to cope up with it.

Every E-commerce site has different policies; therefore, their intent behind the account suspension is also different and unique. This clearly means that a seller has to try new techniques when it is about account reinstated. The more critical your situation is, themore efforts are required to put in it, this certainly increases your probability of lifting your suspension in comparatively less time.

Analyzewhat is the possible reason behind the suspension of your account and frame appropriate strategy this will help you in getting theviable success that you deserve. Here we are enlisting few reasons which are common in general account suspension cases, so have a look:

  1. Selling of banned items:

E-commerce giants like Amazon and E-Bay have strict guidelines banned items. But it is really difficult for a seller to find this list. This includes drug paraphernalia, certain health brands, illegal things, particular toy brands, beauty products and many other things. If E-commerce companies find any seller on their platform offering these kinds of services, their account will certainly ban.

  1. Counterfeit items:

Counterfeit sale is such a big problem in theonlinemarket. This problem commonly arises with DVDs, movies, beauty and electronic products. Even this problem arises even if you are selling a product directly from the manufacturerand someone claims that you are selling counterfeit items to buyers

  • Unfavorable comments:

Negative comments or feedbacks play a vital role in the account suspension. If maximum comments you are getting for your products are asking you to refund their money or about complaining the quality of products then in no time, your account will get blocked.

  1. Fake accounts:

If you are a registered vendor of any of the e-commerce platform and thinking about opening a new account instead of having an account already then it would be far better for you to think about it once again. There is complex, extremely intricate and detailed algorithm which easily catches sellers who are abiding their rules and regulations. A vendor who is holding more than one account will rank topped on this list and moreover gain fine of account suspension.

  1. The opening of thenew account after the suspension of first account:

This is completely understandable fact, but please mind; they will catch you once again and would forcefully shut down your account.

Besides, these are some more common errors which also play an essential role in account suspension:

  • Selling of expired items
  • Inauthentic selling
  • Selling of incomplete items
  • Used items sold at the cost of new one
  • Late shipments

E-commerce sites are frequently updating their policies; therefore, it is highly important for a seller to update their knowledge. That’s why make sure you read every mail send to you about the updated policies. Despite following all guidelines if your account still faces suspension, then it is your right to reclaim it, accumulate all your seller details and ask the reason for the suspension. Besides, if you do not get any satisfactory response then it is the time to call the supervisors for assistance.

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