How First Aid Has Gone from Being an Option to a Necessity?

How First Aid Has Gone from Being an Option to a Necessity?

Health is certainly one of the most important aspects of one's life, even more so now when stress and anxiety have engulfed most people. You never know when your near and dear ones fall ill and end up being dead. Times have certainly changed. A few years back, when someone met with an accident or fell sick, our immediate action would have been to call an ambulance. It still is now, but what has changed is that we are much more prepared now. Many a time, it happens that by the time the ambulance comes, and the patient is taken to the hospital, their health has already worsened, or they are dead. Fortunately, such instances can be avoided these days, and that's all thanks to first aid.

But first aid was always there, what’s so special about it now? The thing is, a few years back only the people who were interested in making a profession in first aid were called at the time of an accident or ill health. They were professionals we hired, but now we often find one of our friends or family members well equipped to handle such precarious situations. How is that possible? Well, they certainly should have joined a first aid course in Perth and received the necessary training. 

Yes, first aid courses have become incredibly popular these days just because the common people too are interested in learning about it, so that if their friends or family members fall ill or have met with an accident, they can immediately cater to them till the medical help arrives. Having such skills is certainly huge as it's often a matter of life and death.  By attending to patients through first aid, people look to provide some respite or comfort, so the health of the patients doesn't worsen.

If you are interested in taking such courses, it’s certainly a wise idea to know certain things which you should do or shouldn’t do. 

Some of the things which should perform till the ambulance arrives are:-

The patient will definitely be in a tricky state of mind, so you need to reassure them that everything is going to be fine. 

Conduct CPR if you can’t feel the pulse or heartbeat of the patient 

If the patient is bleeding, make sure to apply pressure over the area to at least minimise the blood flow, 

Make sure to use proper clothing and gloves. If the patient is suffering from a certain disease which is transmittable, not taking measures to protect yourself will be a big mistake. 

Raise the head or feet depending on where it’s bleeding. 

Make sure never to do these things during first aid:-

Don’t move the patient unless you have to. If they have met with an accident and is having difficulty in moving, it might be because they have suffered a spinal injury. 

Don’t forget to call for professional medical help. 

Don’t panic as it will only worsen the mindset of the patient. 

Before taking your first aid training in Melbourne, don’t forget to keep these things in mind. 

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