How do Transmissions Work in a Vehicle?

How do Transmissions Work in a Vehicle?


Transmissions are an essential part of a car that helps a car to runrnsmoothly. It's connected to the engine and ensures that the wheels turn in syncrnwith each other. You must have seen a chain on a bicycle, transmission isrnsomething like that. It keeps the engine pedal running in time with the wheelrnregardless of what gear you are driving. Transmission starts giving badrnperformance when you don’t maintain it properly. So, always maintain transmissionrnefficiency by servicing it timely otherwise you can find yourself in a placernwhere you are buying used transmission with warranty for your vehicle.


Here, we have discussed how transmission works (function) in a vehicle.

Front vs. Rear Wheel Drive


The position and design of a car's transmission vary depending on whether the car is front or rear-wheel drive. In a car that works in rear-wheel drive, the transmission works from the back of the engine toward the rear wheels, whereas in a car that works in front-wheel drive, the transmission extends around the engine on the driver's side. 


Torque Converter


It is a part of an automatic transmission that allows an engine to keeprnrunning even if your car isn't moving. It consists of three parts as thernstator, the pump, and the turbine. Let’s see how a torque converter works in arnluxury car. When you start the engine of your vehicle, transmission fluid flowsrnfrom the pump to the turbine and then into the stator so that your car canrnmove. But when torque converter fails to do so because of some technical problem,rnthe entire efficiency of the car goes down and you start looking for a used transmission for sale to replace your damaged transmission in a cost-efficient way.


Computer Sensors

It is a part of car transmission. It monitors everything such as vehiclernspeed, engine load, pedal position and uses this information to manage the gearrnshifting process. More advanced computer sensors allow you to switchrninstantaneously between automatic and manual control of the transmission.




Transmission plays a vital role in your car so never ignore any kind ofrntransmission problem in your car otherwise you have to pay a hefty repair bill.rnWe all know car transmission works an essential job to safeguard your life,rntherefore you are also required to do proper care of your car's transmission.rnIn this post, we have discussed transmission function that will you understandrnhow important is your transmission and why you should take care of it.

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