How Do I Get My Annual Credit Report?

How Do I Get My Annual Credit Report?

It is important to note that viewing or getting a copy of your credit report does not affect your credit score in any way. Viewing your credit report is something you should do periodically because there may be errors in your report that you can have removed. Let’s discuss annual credit reports and some of the more commonly asked questions about them.

Here are some common questions people often ask about the credit report:

How Do I Get a Copy of My Credit Report?

There are a number of websites that are free to use and show you your credit scores. Examples are,,, and You can also request your credit score directly from the 3 credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Your standard credit report can be accessed by lenders when you apply for online payday loans or maybe a credit card and will show information to the lender that they need in order to decide about giving you credit.

Most people just view their credit online, but you can print a copy or request a copy of your credit report too. The 3 credit bureaus may have different information, so check all 3 (see the next question).

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How Do I Get My Annual Credit Report?

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