How Derma Franchise is Revolutionizing the Pharma Industry Explained Shinom Cosmeceuticals

How Derma Franchise is Revolutionizing the Pharma Industry Explained Shinom Cosmeceuticals

The important and the main organ of the body i.e, Skin has shown great growth in the past two decades. In the world and as well as in India the increased awareness, rise in the disposable income level and thought of more presentable in the society paving the way to multi-fold growth of the skin care segment. Especially in India, skin disorders, an increase in pollution, lack of nutrition, stress is increasing rapidly. This leads to many pharmaceutical companies to lay more emphasis on the dermatology segment and earn a great amount of profit margin. As a result, the R&D team will make more new innovations in this field.

As we know that skin reflects one's personality and therefore the people are getting more conscious to have flawless skin. The urban population is getting more exposed to derma products and dermatologist and have their treatment done with safety and efficacy and get the best results. On the other hand, the rural population is also getting aware of the skin conditions and are taking cosmetic products that are cost effective. By observing the demand for the derma products and dermatologist in India we can say that the derma segment is giving much more profit to the pharma segment. As we know one thing that people can compromise with everything but not with their skin.

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Market Scenario of the Dermatology Segment

The Global dermatology market size is estimated to be over USD 20.1 billion by 2025. The increase in various skin disorders due to pollution such as acne, psoriasis, melanoma, and vascular lesions. Addition to this the increase in dermatology equipment, derma products and an increase in awareness of such disorders are some of the major factors supporting the growth of the global dermatology market. According to the survey, the global dermatology market is expected to grow at CAGR of 11.4% between 2018 and 2025.

Derma Franchise Business Model

Dermatology is identified as a booming area with exciting innovation for investors, doctors, patients. This rapidly growing industry is the result of a variety of macro factors that have generated the interest of many. When it comes to revenue then dermatology is the largest segment as it encompasses the greatest variety of treatments and diseases. Dermatology not only lay emphasis on new therapies but on the better ways to get them to the end consumer. In India, the dermatology market is gaining its importance from back one decade and this segment is in inception and growing phase with a scope as the disposable income has become the supporting elements.

Macro Factors that lead to Increase in Dermatology

Aging: As we age, we started paying more attention to our health and consume derma products. It is very obvious that in the old age our body needs extra care and concern. One or other person is suffering from skin disorders. Another reason is that there is a continuous increase in the population.

Economic Growth: The rapid increase in economic growth in the emerging markets is creating middle-class people. The rise in the income of middle-class people leads to more and more consumption of cosmetic products.

Cost Efficient Development of Derma Products: In India, many pharma companies have set up their business of derma PCD franchise All the companies have adopted the cost-effective production process which reduces the rates of the derma products. Thus the people tend to consume more derma care products to get the best treatments and flawless skin.


Earlier there was not much scope of the dermatology market and there were limited products for the skin disorders. But now the development in technology and the latest upcoming trends have influenced the people to appear more presentable with the rise in the disposable income, which has increased the growth of skin care products and medicines. Many pharmaceutical companies are now dealing with new and innovative derma products. Shinom Cosmeceuticals is one of the leading derma franchise company in India. 

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