How Choosing Stainless Steel Bin Blenders Gives You an Edge Over Your Competitors

How Choosing Stainless Steel Bin Blenders Gives You an Edge Over Your Competitors

For any industry that mixes and blends bulk solids like granules, dry powders, or even a mixture of granules and powders, stainless steel bin blenders give them an edge over the competition. The reason is that this type of stainless steel IBC tumbler blender works quickly and efficiently. That means that companies can get finished products to their customers in less time and at a lower cost while guaranteeing 100 percent perfection.

Many other benefits of stainless steel blenders help companies surpass even the fiercest competition. As an example, this blender prevents cross-contamination, product loss, and product exposure. Because of that, these blenders are ideal for high-potency materials. Also, bin blending requires less space compared to other industrial machines. As a bonus, a reputable manufacturing company can customize a blender’s design based on your specific needs.

For customization, you can select either a single or dual pedestal, mobile base, lift column, developmental lab, and moveable base. You also have options for a full range of controls that store recipes and record batches. The manufacturer can even configure your blender so that it works seamlessly with an existing bin or build one to meet specific reach and height requirements.

You can also consider a stainless steel IBC tumbler blender with a rotational column option. With that, you end up with precise positioning that will reduce product exposure or spillage even more. By working with the right manufacturer, almost anything is possible.

Regardless of the stainless steel bin blenders you like best, they all share several components, including:

Rotary Frame – This part of the blender rotates the bin based on the number of cycles selected. With the bin held securely in place, the rotary frame ensures safety during operation.

Driving System – This system is what rotates the rotary frame. Included is an electric motor along with either gears, conveyor belts, or shafts on the frame itself.
Lifting System – This hydraulic system lifts the bin off the ground.

PLC Control System – With HMI as the PLC system controls, the operator keys in commands to start the blending process. The operator can set the number of cycles, rotational speed, lifting and lowering action of the bin, and the starting and stopping blending process.

With everything combined, you end up with an incredibly valuable blending machine that will get you ahead of your competition.

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