How can STEM Activities Fuel Critical Thinking in your Child?

How can STEM Activities Fuel Critical Thinking in your Child?

The best way to educate little ones is to add some fun. When we think about the education of our children, knowingly or unknowingly, we think about their careers. Here lies the importance of STEM activities.


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) or STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) education is crucial for finding solutions to problems across various domains. People with STEM skills come up with unique solutions for changing issues in the fields of business, engineering, science and technology.


STEM education equips learners with the skills of critical thinking and problem-solving, among others. You can buy STEM toys available in online and/or offline stores to build various activities and help your child develop STEM skills.


STEM Toys and STEM Tasks


STEM toys can supplement various developmental stages of a child. STEM tasks that hone the skills of critical thinking and problem-solving are suitable for children of 5 years and above.  


Let us find out which STEM toys can help you build STEM tasks to spark critical thinking in your child. We will also discuss STEM toys that are essential for toddlers. STEM toys for toddlers help them attain a stage where they can critically analyze problems and find solutions.   


Toys that Help Toddlers Learn about Cause and its Effect


The sort of toys we buy for toddlers are cause-and-effect toys like balls or rattles, which pique their curiosity. Creative toys like PortaPlay activity centers give us better options than balls and rattles.


The activity center is an exersaucer. It includes an activity center, a play table and a bouncer. It is a sitting toy for babies with a variety of attached smaller toys. For example, PortaPlay- The Twisty Tree is a colorful toy that can entertain toddlers for hours. A yellow ladybug and bright branches of the twisty tree expand their imagination.


PortaPlay -Piano Pod is an ideal example of cause-and-effect toys. It is a fun toy comprised of 3 animals that give out a delightful squeal of joy when they are struck on the head.       


Multipurpose PortaPlay activity center


PortaPlay activity center has a long shelf life. As your baby grows up, you can shift the seat upwards and adjust it according to the height of your child. You can also convert it to a play table. Your child can use it until they reach the age of five.


At the age of five, children reach a stage where they can approach problems from different angles and find unique solutions. Online and offline stores have enough options for STEM toys that spark critical thinking in children. STEM marble run is one of them. Take a look at the next para. 


Toys that Help Toddlers to Think Critically and Solve Problems


VertiPlay STEM marble run is suitable for 5-to-9-year-olds. The school packs of marble run come with teaching guides. However, it is very easy to build new activities with marble runs, even without the guide books.


Most children learn how to build tailor-made runs after playing with STEM marble run kits, for just a few days. While a child creates a marble run from scratch, they learn about slopes, turns, heights and gravity. Marble run teaches children about the basic concepts of engineering through practical demonstrations.                 


Why STEM marble run


There are no specific ways to solve problems. Today, the rapid growth of population, economic transformation and great leaps in technology are bringing new challenges before us. Youngsters with STEM skills are better equipped to overcome the challenges and come up with radical solutions to deliver sustainable changes.


STEM marble runs can play a crucial role in helping children think critically and come up with unique solutions. Since STEM marble runs put children in challenging situations, they learn how to approach problems from different angles. For example, kids use trial and error methods to find ways to build successful marble runs. Children find methods to assemble tracks in best possible ways to make the runs work.                            


STEM toys are one of the best science kits for kids. You can write to us for more information. 

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